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recieving skills
a. catching
b. collecting
two ways to recieve an object
a. catch ball in air, or after rebound, or from another player
b. trap, collect, or block ball on the ground, or through the air
setting of sending away skills
-against a wall
-to specific targets
2 ways to send away objects
a. throw the object using hands or implement
b. strike the object with hands, feet, head, or implement
fundamental aspects of retaining and traveling skills
a. produce right amount of force and speed to propel object
b. travel various pathways
c. change direction and speed
sending-away skills
a. throwing
b. striking
fundamental skills of sending away
a. producing the right amount of force to send object required distance
b. positioning to send it to the desired place
fundamental aspects of recieving skills
a. being in right place at the right time
b. able to absorb the impact of the object as it arrives
c. recieving at different levels, from different directions
which skill is linked with sending away skills
recieving skills
which skill is link between recieving and sending skills
retaining and travelling skills
first group of skills children learn
-sending away skills
2 ways to travel with an object
a. carry the object with hands or implement
b. propel the object
travelling skills
a. carrying
b. propelling
-marking on wall, basket, hoops
-still or moving
-high or low
-instant feedback