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What age is the cutoff where you no longer need to use a premature scale to assess development?
2 years
What are three main criteria for the diagnosis of ADHD
1)Symptoms of inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity in multiple enviornments
2)Present for at least 6 months
3)Present by age 7
What are a few options when a patient cannot tolerate traditional ADHD meds?
Other options include:
1 months developmental check?
Raise head slightly
follow with eyes to midline only alerts/startles to sound fixes on face
2 months developmental check?
smiles responsively
recognizes parent
3 months
holds head up steady
hands open at rest
reaches for familiar objects or people
4-5 months
roll both ways
grasps with both hands together
orients to voice
enjoys observing environment
6 months
sits well unsupported
transfers hand to hand
recognizes strangers
9 months
crawls, pull to stand, cruise
pincer grasp, finger feeds
understands no
plays pat-a-cake
12 months
walks alone
throws, releases object
1-8 words, one step commands
Imitates, comes when called
cooperates with dressing
15 months
walks backward
creeps upstairs
builds 2 block tower
18 months
feeds self with utensils
points to body parts
plays around other kids (not with)
21 months
squats and recovers
builds 5 block tower
two word sentences
24 months
walks well up and down stairs
removes clothing
understands 2 step commands
stranger understands 1/2 off speech
parallel play
30 months
throws ball overhand
appropriate pronoun use
knows first/last names
3 Years
draws circle
3 word sentence
uses pleurals, past tense
stranger understands 3/4
group play/shares
4 years
alternates feet going down stairs
catches ball, dresses self
knows colors
imaginative play
5 years
ties shoes
prints first name
plays cooperative games
understands/abides by rules
Autism is a form of ____
Pervasive developmental disorder
What is the best indicator of future success in a patient with PDD?
extent of language development during preschool years