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Besides premature infants, who does NEC occur in?
Term infants with congenital heart disease
What findings in NEC are ominous and require surgery?
Pneumoperitoneum or ascites
Indicate bowel perforation
Otherwise, how can these kids be managed?
IV abx and BOWEL REST (stop feeds, put on TPN?)
What is the main complication in survivors?
Colonic strictures, primarlily left sided
What does mediastinal shift indicate in a newborn with respiratory distress?
SURGICAL versus medical cause of neonatal respiratory distress
What is the sequence of events in congenital lobar emphysema?
Baby seen first with opacity in upper lobe or RML

Opacity clears, but respiratory distress persists, and may increase.

THERE IS PERSISTENT EXPANSION OF THE INVOLVED LOBE OVER TIME, WITH WORSENING MEDIASTINAL SHIFT. This gradual expansion differentiates it from the other causes of surgical respiratory distress.