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What age group is adolescence
What physical growth occurs in adolescence?
Puberty lasting 2-2.5years
What is the first sign of puberty in boys and girls?
Boys: testicular enlargement
- sweat and sebaceous glands
Girls: Breasts
- fat increases (goes away)
What psychosocial stage are adolescents in?
identity vs role confusion
What is the cognitive development of an adolescent?
Formal operational period
Personal fable
Imaginary audience - world centers on me
What is the formal operational period?
concerned with the possibility or future
thinking in abstract terms
What is personal fable?
egocentrisim again
it won't happen to me thinking
What is the social development of an adolescent?
peer relationships are important
self-image is important -
What are the nutrition requirements for adolescents?
need calories, protein, calcium (skeletal growth), and iron (for muscle mass)
What are the eating habits of adolescents?
related to SES
peers idea of food
busy schedule - hard to eat healthy
eating disorders
What is a nursing intervention for obesity control?
incorporating food they like with healthy foods into meals
What aspects of personal care is important for adolescents?
Piercings and tatoos - wound, and can become infected
Don't give reading materials
Name injuries that occur to adolescents?
MVA - new driver, texting, DUI
Sports injury
Falls - risk takers