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daily nutrient req for infants
1. disruption of protein synthesis 2. disruption of bacterial cell wall 3. inhibition of bacterial folic acid production
What is the action of antibiotics
• age of aspiriation of small foods and/or objects is most prevalent
what are toddlers?
• recommended age for beginning solid foods
what is 4-6 months
• a blanket can be an important transitional object
who are toddlers
• used for prevention of infection vs, treating established infection
what is prophylaxis?
• air passing through narrow passage ways
what is wheezing
• 103 degrees causes tachpnea and increased heart rate
what is a fever
• age that you expect had lag to be gone
what is 4 months
• a decision-making option of examining all options and choosing the one with the most benefit and least harm taking into account the total situation
what is ethical decision making?
• concentrated sucrose, etc
what are non-pharmacologic
• gentamycin’s category of antibiotic
• can be treated with ciprofloxin and linizolid
vancomyocin resistant
• declining mortality rates in childhood resulting from infectious disease is a credit to
• use minimal contact initially
who are toddlers
• physical assessment on a 13-year old girl the nurse give a choice of her mother staying or leaving
normal privacy for adolescents
• piaget’s pre-operational stage
2-7 (preschoolers
• large push toys
12 months
• Erikson’s stage of trust vs. mistrust
• screening test that tells us what a child can do at a particular age
Denver Development II
• pain scale that uses behavior cues
• common medication for pain category expected from a tonselectomy
NSAIDS (ibuprofen)
• a classification system usual to establish nursing diagnosis
Gordon’s Function
• 5th – 95th % on growth chart
healthy range
• hotdogs need to be cut in to bite size pieces
• homicide and firearms
black boys 15-19
• NG tube in appendectomy patients
release of gastric pressure
• Trach suction
5-10 sec
• best explanation of why to use pulse ox on children
non-invassive measure
• two oxygen adjuncts that can achieve 100% oxygen in kids
oxy hood and non-rebreather
• use of gloves, masks, gowns, for exposure
standard precaution
• area of body to start assessment on toddler
heart and lungs (ascultation)
• tongue is larger, trachea is narrow and funnel shaped
pediatric airway
• nursing actions for a hospitalized MRSA patient
what is isolation?
• age the anterior fontanel closes
18 months
• immunizations: give on the same day or separate by 30 days
live vaccines
• in the backseat facing rearward
carseat for infants and small children
• 4 year olds concept of death
temporary event
• contraindication for egg allergy
flu shot
• system where you describe physical sexual development most accurately described
tanner stages
• nursing considerations when girls experience an increase in weights and fat deposition during puberty
normal development in adolescents
• immunization for meningitis
• 18 month old always says no, shows anger, wants to be held
normal development
• contraindications: a child receiving oral steroids, and child receiving chemotherapy, a pregnant adolescent
no live virus vaccines
• most effective medication for a cough
• greatest cause of mortality in adolescents
motor vehicle accidents
• the earliest sign of sexual development in adolescents –
• breast and areola create a secondary mound
stage 3
• an acne drug contraindicated for young women
• an ototoxic drug
topomyacin, gentomyacin, vancomyocin
• early response of bronchoconstriction treated with Beta 2 agonist –
• smooth muscle, broncohoconstriction, excess mucous production, edema
pathophysiciology of asthma
• fractured femur of a 12 year old, burises on the shins and forehead of a 2 year old, arm burns from hot liquid pulled from the stove of a 4 year old
normal injuries
• they picture God as a human and have a great desire to learn about him
school age children