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congenital syphilis (treponema pallidum)
risk factor for syphilis
no prenatal care or maternal tx
treatment of syphillis
maternal: benzathine penicillin
neonates: aqueous crystalline penicillin, procaine pen G (more often used, easier)
congenital toxoplasmosis (protozoan parasite)
infection=most severe when acquired during first trimester
transmission of toxoplasmosis
feces or oocysts by cats
milk, eggs, and meat
blood transfusion
prevention of toxoplasmosis
-spiramycin (reduces transmission from mothers to fetus)
other infections (fungal or viral)HIV, RSV, VZV
prevention of fungal or viral infections
varicella zoster immune globulin (VZIG)
postnatal: acyclovir
candida species:oral candidiasis treatment
oral nystatin (moa-alters fungal cell wall permeability resulting in intracellular leakage)
candida species: diaper candidiasis treatment
nystatin topical (cream/ointment) apply 2-4x/day
candida species:systemic candidiasis risk factors
prematurity, contaminated amniotic fluid, colonization, catheters, immunosuppression, ax, neutropenia, and hyperglycemia
candida species:systemic candidiasis
first choice=conventional amp. B, lipid complex, or liposomal (renal protection),
second choice-fluconazole
congenital rubella syndrome (transmitted through aerosolized particles)
congenital rubella syndrome treatment
no treatment or prevention available
cytomegalovirus (CMV) most common cause of congenital infection in the us, leading cause of sensorineural deafness in children
prevention of CMV
avoid contact of urine and saliva of those shedding the disease
Treatment of CMV
not recommended in immunologically normal pts.
prevention of herpesvirus: environmental
-good hand washing technique, prevent hospital overcrowding, prevent contaminated infant formula, medical devices, or meds
prevention of herpesvirus: immunization
-neonatal rec.
-->maternal=hep. B vaccine, influenza, tetanus/diptheria, meningococcal, and rabies
-->neonatal=hep. B vaccine
maternal chemoprophylaxis:antenatal treatment