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well checkup
general - age, delivery. nursery - habits, wet diapers. back to sleep. pacifier at 1 month. HEART, HIPS, EYES.
developmental dysplasia of the hip
breech, female, first born, family history. range: teratologic disloc, disloc, subluxed, unstable, acetabular dysplasia. presents: birth, year 1, silent shildhood. tx: pavlik harness. socket angle. perkin's line. dx: assymetric skin fold, orlitani (outer) and barlow.
HELLP syndrome
hemolytic anemia, elevated liver enzymes, low platelets. seen in late pregnancy, associated with pre-eclampsia. tx: delivery.
1 and 5 minute scores of Activity, Pulse, Grimace, Appearance, Respiratory rate.
contraindications to LP
increased icp (mass> shift, hydrocephalus, cerebral edema), coagulopathy, cardio-pulm instability
cushing's triad - and tx
increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, cheyenne-stokes breathing - tx with hyperventilation, mannitol, dec temp, acetazolamide.
rhizomelia, melomelia. hypophosphatasia vs temia. stanford sign, russel silver syndrome, leggCB syndrome,
look up
becks triad
pericardial tamponade, distended heart sounds, distant heart sounds, hypotension.... rising venous pressure, falling arterial sounds
look up.
GBS sepsis in newborn
early vs late: timing, meningitis.
in BMT
neoplasm, allergy, adrenal, CT, parasitic (clamydia)
ALTE differential
GI (ger, volvulus), Neuro, Resp, CV, Metab, Infxn, Abuse.
vomiting differential
bilious - sepsis, volvulus in malrotation. non-bilious - ger, pyloric stenosis, gastroenteritis, cns, iem, CMA.
leronzo's oil - oleic and erucic.
signs symptoms
phenylalanin from digestion and catabolism to tyrosine via phenylalanin hydroxylase. deficiency of converting enzyme leads to accum and CNS problems. second type - biopterin deficiency resists dec prot diet. maternal pku infants: iugr, SGA, microceph, MR, dev delay, haert dx
liver disease> neonatal hepatitis, jaundice. corneal lens opacit. MR? hypotonia (frog leg), renal fanconi. lactose free (glu-gal) diet.
biotinase def
biotin. alopecia, dermatitis, ataxia, acidosis, dev delays
maple syrup urine disease
LIV catabolism. blocked, build up alloisoleucine. common in amish/menonites with glutaric aciduria
dislocated lens iridodynesis, skeletal abnormalities... GET MORE INFO
I succinyl acetone - porhyyria, liver dx, fanconi. II eye and skin burning
urea cycle
septic shock and normal electrolytes s acidosis. huge nh3
fanconi syndrome
disease= sphingolipidosis from ceraminidase deficiency leading to painful and prog deformed joints, subQ nodules, granulomas. syndrome = gen dysfnxn of prox renal tube> glycosuria, hyperphosphaturia, hypophasphatemia, aminoaciduria and systemic acidosis. anemia = AR predisposed to aplastic anemia, prog bone failure age 5-7, cong abnmls (thumb, forearm, kidney, GI, skin). 20% cancer - often aml. inc sens of FA cells to bifunctional alkylating agents like mitomycin C for diagnosis.
unconj hyperbili from dec glucoronyltransferase activity, responds to phenobarbitol, 7% pop affected. 3@ behind hemolytic anemias
I no hepatic glucuronyltransferase activity, kernicterus, liver transplant needed. II: mod def, phenobarb induces activity.
neonatal hsv
mucocutaneous (SEM skin-eye-mucous), disseminated, encephalitis.... congenital
normal ratio rbc:wbc in csf
bacterial gastroenteritis differential
vecscs - vibroi, escherichia, camylobacter, shigella, clostridium, salmonella
gh and igf-1
cretinism, acromegaly, giantism, dwarfism.
home, education, eating, activity, drugs, depression, suicide, sexuality, safety
withdrawal symptoms
shiver, constipation, urine retention
orbital vs preseptal edema
globe pain, proptosis, photophobia, pain on movememnt
heent infection
moraxella, h flu nt, s pneumo
<1yr 5,10,15. >1yr 3,6,9.
chilazeon vs stye
look up eye stuff
abo incompatability
also rh factor in second child and dad's inheritance, etc.
jones criteria
inflammatory reaction post gp a strep (strep throat not as much scarlet fever). involves heart, skin, brain, joints. 2 of carditis, migratory polyarthritis, sydenhams chorea, erythema merginatum, subQ nodules (aschoff bodies) and 1 of fever, arthralgia, labs (esr, crp, leukocytosis), ekg, gas culture or aso titer, hs rheumatic fever or inactive heart disease.
UTI differential
seekpp: serratia, entero, ecoli, klebsiella, proteus, pseudomonas. lac ps: kleb, ecoli, entero, citro. lac neg: sal shig yers serrat citro.
schistocytes versus helmet cells
microangiopathic hemolytic anemia, acute renal failure, thrombocytopenia. differentiate from TTP - more neuro involvement!
viral gastroenteritis
rota, noro, calici, adeno!
urine specific gravity
1.002-1.028. inc) dehydration, diarrhea, emesis, excess sweating, renal artery stenosis, hepatorenal syndrome, heart failure> dec flow to kidney, axcess ADH< SIADH. dec) renal failure, pyelonephritis, DI, acute tubular necrosis, interstitial nephritis, psychogenic polydipsia.
gram neg aerobic cocci
neisseria gon and meningitis. nonmotile, diplocicci, cat and ox pos.
gram neg facultative anaerobic bacilli. non ferm aerobic bacilli.
enterobacteriaceae - cat pos, ox neg, ferms glu, reduce nitrate, gi flora. E coli - uti, meningitis neonates, bacteremia, toxin producers diarrhea. Kleb, Enterobacter, Proteus - UTI nosocomial infection. salmonella typhi - typhoid fever. shig - diarrhea. yersinia pestis - bubonic plague...... Vibrio - motile, cat and ox pos, brackish water. Vcholera..... Pasteruellae - nonmotile, cat and ox pos, speial growth reqs..... Hflu - resp pathogen, pneumonia and bronchitis
gram neg microaerophilic bacilli
campylobacter - small curved. fetus - septicemia. jejuni - enteritis. helicobacter pylori - gastric ulcers and cancer
gram neg anaerobic bacilli
bacteriodes fragillis. fusobacter - pleomorphic pointed ends, anbcess tooth.
gram neg helical - spiochetes
borrelia burgdorferi - lyme. treponema pallidum - syphilis. leptospira interrogans - leptospirosis.