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What is CHARGE stand for?
C Coloboma
H Heart Dz
A Atresia Choanae
R Retarded Grwoth/Development
G Genital Anomalies (hypo)
E Ear Anomalies (deaf)
How do you Dx Choanal Atresia?
inability to pass catheter
Definitive Dx of Choanal Atresia w/?
Fiberoptic rhinoscopy
MC bacterias for Sinusitis?
S. pneumo
H. influenza
M. catarrhalis
Dx of Sinusitis?
History only!!! Clinical
Persistent URI symp. > 10-14 days
Severe Respiratory symp. w/ T>102 and purulent DC x 3-4 days
Sinusitis Tx?
Amoxicillin for 7 days

Refer to ENT if failure
Child w/ Pertussis <3 mo.? Next step in management?
Tx of B. Pertussis?
Erythromycin x 14 days
Do you need prophylaxis for Pertussis?
Tx ALL in Household contacts!
Tx Prophylaxis for Pertussis contacts?
Erythromycin x 14 days
Tx for Cat Scratch Dz?
no tx, resolves 2-4 mo.
if complications like encephalopathy, retinopathy, vasculitis, thrombocytopenia then hospitalize