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What is physiologic anemia of infancy?
drop of hemoglobin at 8-12 months
What is the MCC of anemia in a children?
iron deficiency anemia
What age group is at the highest risk for iron-deficiency anemia?
12-24 months
What are dietary risk factors for iron-deficiency anemia?
• cows milk
• erratic solid intake
What do the RBCs look like in patients with lead poisoning?
hypochromic, microcytic anemia with basophilic stippling of the RBCs
What are symptoms of lead poisoning?
• anemia
• abdominal pain
• behavior changes
What are treatment options of lead poisoning?
• environmental
• chelation (dimercaprol or Ca EDTA)
What is the most common hemolytic anemia in the US?
Sickle cell anemia
What is the inheritance pattern of sickle cell disease?
autosomal recessive
What is sickle cell trait protective against?
What do you see in the peripheral smear of patients with sickle cell anemia?
• sickle cells
• howell jolly bodies
What are complications of sickle cell disaese?
• acute chest syndrome
• aplastic crisis (can be triggered by viral infection)
• osteomyelitis
• pain in long bones, back, or chest
• salmonella
• splenic sequestration
• vaso-occlusion
What is the greatest threat to a patient with an afunctional spleen due to sickle cell disease?
bacterial sepsis with encapsulated organisms (ex. pneumococus, E. coli, H. flu)
What are expected CBC results in a patient with ALL?
• elevated WBC
• low H&H
• low platelets
What is the long-term syrvival of ALL? of AML?
• ALL: 70%
• AML: 50%
Lymphadenopathy is more common in which cervical lymph nodes in patients with Hodgkins Lymphoma?
• cervical
• supraclavicular
What is the most common intrarenal malignant tumor in kids?
Wilms tumors