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MCC of gastroenteritis in toddlers
MCC of gastroenteritis in school age kids
How do you treat salmonella poisoning?
Do NOT treat unless immunocompromised or < 3 months
Which organism causes HUS?
What could be the cause of diarrhea in a toddler who is non-ill and in good nutrition status?
Excess fruit juice
What is the maintenance fluids for peds?
100cc/kg for 1st 10kg
50 cc/kg for 2nd 10kg
20 cc/kg for remainder
SX: Projectile non-bilious vomiting (onset age 2-6 weeks) after feeding, poor weight gain, dehydration, lethargy.
What's the Diagnosis?
Pyloric stenosis
Treatment for Giardia
T/F Anti-diarrheal medications should be given to treat gastroenteritits
False: never indicated
What is the treatment for MILD dehydration?
Oral rehydration with electrolyte solutions containing 45-50 MEQ/L Na and 25-30g/L glucose (I.e. Pedialyte, infalyte) Give 30-50 cc/kg over 4 hours in 10cc aliquots;
What is the treatment for moderate dehydration?
What is the most common cause of intestinal obstuction between 3 month-6 years
Sudden severe paroxysmal abdominal coliky pain, emesis early becoming bilious; may palpate abdominal mass in RUQ

What is the DX?
Congenital aganglionic megacolon
Hirschprung’s Disease
Delayed passage of meconium at birth and chronic constipations in a newborn may suggest?
Hirschprung's Disease
Most common cause of testicular pain 12 years and older (uncommon <10 yrs)
Testicular torsion
Acute pain, scrotal swelling, absent cremastric reflex
What's the diagnosis?
Testicular torsion
How do you treat testicular torsion?
Surgical detorsion
If pain <4-6 hrs, can try manual detorsion by rotating testis clockwise (left)
Fix contralateral testis
How do you diagnose Testicular torsion?
Ultrasound with doppler
Nuclear medicine scan
Most common cause of testicular pain 2-11 years of age
Torsion of the Appendix Testis
How do you treat torsion of the appendix testis?
Resolves in 3-10 days, treat with bed rest and analgesia (NSAID for 5 days)
Pain and erythema, Gradual onset, 3-5 mm tender, palpable mass on the upper pole of the teste
What is the diagnosis?
Torsion of the Appendix Testis
What are the symptoms of a volvulus (mal-rotation)?
Bilious Vomiting
Mechanical obstruction
Usually during 1st and 2nd wks of life