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What is child abuse?
any act, or failure to act, that endangers a child's physical or emotional health and development
What are the 4 major types of abuse?
• physical
• sexual
• emotional
• neglect (most common)
What is the difference between physical abuse and physical punishment?
• Physical abuse is an injury resulting from physical aggression

• Physical punishment is the use of physical force with the intent of inflicting bodily pain, but not injury, for the purpose of correction or control
Which is the most reported type of abuse?
Which type of abuse can have longer lasting psychiatric effects?
emotional abuse
What are the 3 types of neglect?
• physical neglect
• educational neglect
• emotional neglect
What is the most common cause of mortality from abuse?
shaken baby syndrome
What are signs of shaken baby syndrome?
• cerebral edema
• retinal remorrhages
• rib fractures
• skull fractures
• subdural hematoma
What is Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome?
inducing medical illness in a child or convincing others that a child is fictitiously sick