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Weight, height and head circumference should be measure at least until _ yoa
2 years of age
Define Failure to Thrive.
Growth rate of less than expected and is of concern when weight crosses 2 major percentile isobars.
T/F - A neonate should regain birthweight by 2 weeks.
Most common ccause of FTT is
inorganic FTT (disturbed parent child bond that results in inadequate intake)
T/F - Almost all head growth occurs prenatally and during 1st 2 years of life.
T/F - Cephalohematoma, subperiosteal hemorrage, crosses suture line on physical exam.
False - it does not cross suture lines.
Define Microcephaly.
Head circumference 2-3 standard deviations below the mean for age.
Define Craniosynostosis.
1) most common form
premature closure of 1 or more cranial sutures, often sporadic
1)sagital suture/ dolichocepahly
Treatment of Craniosyntosis.
Surgical Repair
Define Plagiocephaly.
1) Associated with
Asymmetry of the infant head shape usually not associated with premature suture closure.
1) Congenital muscular torticollis
T/F - Unlike microcephaly, head size in macrocephalic patients does not necessarily reflect brain size.
In initial evaluation of Macrocephalic patients a _ should be ordered to R/O hydrocephalus.
Head U/S or CT scan
Name Live Vaccines (5)
What type of vaccine is the Hep B?
Which polio vaccine is recommended in the US?
IPV (2,4months, 6-18mo, 4-yoa)
What type of vaccine is Hib?
Conjugate vaccine
When is the first dose of MMR?
12-15 months
The most common cause of viral hepatits in the world
Hep A
Most common cause of acute OM and invasive bacterial infections in children younger than 3 yoa.
Sterp Pneumoniae
1) advantage
2) disadvantage
1) almost all antigens from 23 strains causing bacteremia/meningitis
2) little immunogenicity in children younger than 2
1) advantage
2) disadvantage
1) immunogenicity and efficacy in children younger than 2 yoa
2) only 7 serotypes
T/F - Patients with progressive neurologic disorders, e.g. epilepsy, should not receive the DTaP vaccine unless stabilized.
Gold standard for audiometric testing in newborn.
Brainstem auditory evoked response (expensive/most accurate) and Evoked otoacoustic emission (less expensive/less accurate)
T/F - routine screening of cholesterol and lipid panels is recommended in children.
False - only in children > 2yoa if FH of hypercholesterolemia, hyperlipidemia, or early MI (<55)
Risk Factors for Iron Deficiency Anemia (5)
prematurity, low birth weight, early intro of cow's milke (<9 moa, insufficient intake of iron, poor
When is universal screening of hemoglobin levels recommended? (2)
Between 9 and 15 months and between 4 and 6 yoa.
Risk Factors for Plumbism(5).
ingestion of paint from house prior to '78, water from lead pipes, lead smelters, lead glazed pottery, or folk remedies
T/F - Circumscion is not recommended by the AAP
True - even though UTIs are 10x more common in uncircumscized males.
An inability to retract the foreskin, which can lead to urination retention.
Contraindications to circumscision (3)
penile abnormalites (hypospadias), prematurity, bleeding diathesis
The range of initial tooth eruption is between _
3-18 months, average 5 months
when should tooth brushing begin?
when teeth erupt
T/F - early dental eruption is associated with hyperthyroidism
T/F - Effects of excess flouride are cosmetic only and the greatest risk is between 2-4 yoa.
True - supplement breastfed children beyond 6 moa
Most common bacterial agent leading to dental caries.
Streptococcus mutans
Rear facing seat until _ and _. No honey, egg whites, fish, citrus, chocolate, nuts, wheat until _.Initiate toliet training from _ to _.
1 year and 20 pounds for car seat. These food not until 1 yoa. Toliet trainng from 18-24 months, do not push.