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in what type of playing do children act out roles and experiences that have happened to them, that they fear wil happen to them, or they observed happenning to someone else?
dramatic play
what type of play makes use of games and interactions that represent an issue or concern to be addressed
symbolic play
what kind of play makes use of materials that are commonly assocaiated with health care situations in creative and playful activities
familiarizaion play
what is a continuous, orderly series of conditions that lead to activities, new motives for activities and patterns of behavior
what can be measured easily and accurately and is the increase in the physical size of the whole or any of its parts
what is the weight of the average newborn
7.5 8 lbs
when do primary dentitions emerge
6 months
when do permanent teeth start to errupt
6 years
when will children have approx 20 temporary teeth
2.5 year
during what period of cognitive development is object permenance
period 1
what is the thinking that event happen because of wishing
magical thinking
during what period of cognitive development does magical thinking come into play
period 2
preoperational thought
what is the perception that all things have life or feeling
during what period of cognitive development does the child use reflective behavior to adapt to the enviormment
period 1
sensorimotor period
what are the 4 stages of piaget's cognitive development
concrete operations
formal operations