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Newborn growth patterns
w:5-7 oz/ week
L: 2.5cm/month
Head C: 2cm/month until 3mo
Newborn milestones
Gross motor: lift head if prone
Fine motor: hold hand in fist
Sensory: Prefer faces, follow line of vision
Babinski reflex
disappears at 1 year
Rooting reflex
disappears 3-4 months-1 year
Palmar grasp reflex
finger grasp, until 3 months
Plantar reflex
toe curl around midline, until 8 months
Moro reflex
startle reflex, until 4 months
Tonic neck reflex
fencing position, important for rolling over, 6 months
Dance Reflex
Stepping reflex 4-8 weeks
Newborn nutrition
breastfed: 2-3 hours, 6-8 wet diapers
Bottle: 60-90cc/2-3hrs
Infant growth 2-4 months
posterior fontanel closes
Gross motor: sit w/ hands, decreased head lag
Fine motor: hold rattle, play with fingers, bring object to mouth
Sensory development for 2-4months
turn head towards voices, social smile, laugh @ 4 months
language; coo, gurgle, laugh
Infant 2-4 mo nutrition
every 3-4 hours, 90-120cc
Infant 4-6 months Growth
Double birth weight
Gross motor: looses head lag
roll over (belly-back @ 4, back-belly @ 6)
Fine motor: palmar grasp- reach for object, manipulate
Infant 4-6 month sensory development
separation anxiety, mirror play
Infant 4-6 month nutrition
solid foods: rice cereal-barley-oatmeal every 4-7days
Infant 6-8month Growth
Growth rate declines, sitting ( @8 independently)
fine motor: transfer objects, banging, crude pincer grasp
Infant 6-8 month Sensory devolpment
Stronger anxiety,
language imitates sound
Infant 8-10 growth
Decreased growth rate
Gross motor: creeping, pull to stands, sits alone
Fine motor: fine pincer grasp
Infant 8-10 month Sensory development
object permanence
Language: understand no
Infant 10-12 months growth
Growth 3x birth weight at 12 month
Gross motor: stand alone, sit from standing, walk holding on
Fine motor:hold crayons, build tower
Infant 10-12 month Sensory
Patty cake and peek a boo, 3-5 words
Infant 10-12 month Nutrition
indpendent utensil feeding, soft table foods, milk
Nocturnal sleep
@3-4 months
Infancy developmental theories
Erikson: Trust vs Mistrust
-needs met
Piaget: Sensorimotor
-act intentinally
-object permanence
Toddler growth
4x birth weight
chest>head circumference
pot bellied appearance
elongation of legs (acident#2 death)
anterior fontanel closes
first molars
Toddler nutrition
anorexia, limit to less than one liter of milk
Toddler sensory
increased comprehension, parallel play, toilet training, bed wetting common up to 5 years
Toddler development theories
Erickson: autonomy vs shame & doubt
-increase ability to control
- limit setting
Piaget: sensorimotor-preoperational
-cause & effect
- object permanence
-less fear of strangers
-concept of time
Preschool growth
Long bones, more coordinated, buttons, draw shapes & 6 part person
Preschool sensory development
2,000 word vocabulary, complete sentences, literal meanings
association & dramatic play, cooperative, solitary
Preschool developmental theories
Erickson: initiation vs guilt
-satisfaction in accomplishments
-magical thinking
School age growth
increase in length and muscle development, jaw changes
last time boys=girls
Gross: balance & strength
Pre-adolescent growth spurt
School age developmental theories
Erickson: industry vs inferiority
Piaget: concrete operational
-alternate solutions