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Step 1
Explains procedure, speaking clearly, slowly and directly, maintaining face-to-face contact whenever possible
Step 2
Privacy is provided with a curtain, screen or door
Step 3
Instructs client to inform nurse aide if pain is experienced during excercise
Step 4
Supports leg at knee and ankle while performing range of motion for knee
Step 5
Bends the knee and then returns leg to client's normal position (extension/flexion) (AT LEAST 3 TIMES unless pain is verbalized)
Step 6
Supports foot and ankle close to bed while performing range of motion for ankle
Step 7
Pushes/pulls foot toward head (dorsiflexion), and pushes/pulls foot down, toes point down (plantar flexion) (AT LEAST 3 TIMES unless pain is verbalized)
Step 8
::CRITICAL::While supporting the limb, moves joints gently, slowly, and smoothly through the range of motion, discontinuing exercise if client verbalizes pain
Step 9
Signaling device is within reach and bed is in low position
Step 10
Washes hands