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The original edition of the POGP was published in:
The original compiler of the POGP was:
Franklin D. Richards
Which of the following best describes WHY the POGP was published?
Newly converted saints desired to have the revelations of the prophet in their possession.
A secondary purpose, indicated by excerpts from the D&C was:
To teach and remind new church members of their duties in relation to the priesthood and ordinances of the gospel.
In 1878 the POGP was revised for general church use. Who was responsible for the revision?
Orson Pratt
The POGP was accepted as scripture by the voice of the members of the church in the October in what year?
Most of the material in the original edition of the POGP came from:
the Evening and Morning Star & The Times and Seasons
The Book of Moses material since the 1878 revision came from:
the Joseph Smith Translation (Inspired Version)
In 1850, worldwide church membership was about 57,000.
Membership in Great Britain was about:
The total number of verses changed or added through the Joseph Smith Translation is:
Joseph Smith-Matthew in the "American Edition" of the POGP came from:
The Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible
Who said 'the JST or Inspired version is a thousand times over the best bible now existing on the earth'?
Bruce R. McConkie
The Inspired Version of the Bible (JST) was first published in:
Joseph Smith learned from translating the Book of Mormon that many plain and precious parts had been taken out of the bible.
This fact is recorded in:
1 Nephi 13
Under which church president were two new revelations added to the POGP?
Spencer W. Kimball
What became of the two revelations added to the POGP in the last 50 years?
They were put in the D&C
Who was responsible for adding cross references, deleting the D&C excerpts, and changing the pages to double columns in the development of the POGP?
James E. Talmage
The earliest published material which later became part of the POGP was published in a periodical under the title:
"Extracts from the Prophecy of Enoch"
When the 'American Edition' of the POGP was prepared for publication, which other revelation from the D&C was added to its contents?
The revelation on Celestial Marriage (Sec 132)
Which of the following hymns was originally published in the POGP?
Oh Say, What is Truth?
Why was the JST of the Bible used for the Book of Moses material instead of the original edition of the POGP?
The JST had Joseph's latest corrections in translating the bible.
Who was the original edition of the POGP published for?
Members of the church who needed to know how to be LDS's.
Joseph Smith said, "God revealed to me that something new must be done for the salvation of the church."
What fulfilled that revelation?
the opening of the British Mission
The 'official' story of the First Vision was prepared for:
the History of the Church
The best reason Joseph Gave for recording the 'official' account of the First Vision was:
to put all inquirers after the truth in possession of the facts as they have transpired.
The "unusual excitement on the subject of religion" that Joseph described in the vicinity of his home in 1820, is referred to in American History as:
the 2nd Great Awakening
According to Charles Grandison Finney, a noted revivalist leader, who were especially targeted in the revivalist movement Joseph referred to?
uncoverted youth
Joseph recorded that the religious excitement of the vicinity of Palmyra and Manchester commenced with the:
The sect that was most popular to the members of the Smith family was:
Joseph was most attracted to the:
Which account of the First Vision told of Joseph's worry that the leaves and boughs of the trees would be consumed by the light that preceded the vision?
the Orson Pratt account
Which account of the First Vision told of improper pictures being part of Joseph's temptation?
the Orson Hyde account
Which account of the First Vision describes the creeds as "incorrect doctrines"?
the Wentworth Letter
Which account of the First Vision speaks of blue eyes?
the Alexander Neibaur account
The biblical passage that Joseph claimed led him to the grove to pray was written by:
What did Joseph say was "fruitless" in his attempt to pray in the Sacred Grove?
To utter his prayer vocally
What destroyed Joseph's confidence in settling his questions by an appeal to the Bible?
Conflicting interpretations given by those who were teachers of religion.
Joseph reported that his prayer experience in the Sacred Grove was his first attempt:
to pray vocally
The evil power that overcame Joseph in his prayer experience in the grove came after:
scarcely beginning to prayer
Joseph claimed that the evil power that seized him came from:
some actual being from the unseen world
Joseph exerted all his powers in prayer, prior to the vision, in asking:
to be delivered from the evil power that seized him.
In other accounts of the First Vision, all but one of the following is recorded:
He knelt at a site he often played at
The question Joseph asked of the two personages that visited him was:
which of all the sects was right?
The Lord instructed Joseph that the creeds of the various sects:
were an abomination in his sight
Aside from answering Joseph's questions, the Lord told Joseph:
many other things he could not write about
Joseph thought the response of the ministers of the sects to his vision was:
strange in that it caught so much of their attention and reviling
Which of the following was the greatest doctrinal truth that Joseph Smith learned through the First Vision?
the nature of the Godhead
In the First Vision, Joseph Smith learned that Satan:
was an actual being from an unseen world
The First Vision taught Joseph Smith that:
God the Father had a body of flesh and bone
Who first told Joseph Smith about the gold plates?
Who answered Joseph's question about which church to join?
the Son
The 'weakness of youth' and 'foibles of human nature' that Joseph confessed of included:
-associations with jovial company
-divers temptations offensive in the sight of God
Which of the following best answers 'why' Joseph Smith recorded his history?
he was commanded to
The Lord told Joseph that the professors of the sects he inquired about were corrupt because:
-their hearts were far from him
-their doctrines were the commandments of men
-they drew near to him with their lips only
-they denied the power of godliness.
Joseph was continuously persecuted and reviled because:
he would not deny that he had seen a vision
Joseph said that he never had the disposition to:
commit any great or malignant sin
Joseph often felt condemned because:
of his weakness and imperfections
Which of the following did Joseph not include among his descriptions or feelings about Moroni?
some actual being from the unseen world
At the moment of the appearance of the Father and Son, what was Joseph praying?
to be delivered from the power of Satan
Moroni told Joseph that God had prepared the Urim and Thummim for the purpose of:
translating the Book of Mormon
Moroni told Joseph that he would be destroyed if:
he showed the plates or the Urim and Thummim to any other than the approved persons
Moroni told Joseph that:
-his name would be had for good and evil
-God had a work for him to do
-he must not show the plates of the Urim and Thummim to anyone unapproved
Which of the following was quoted by Moroni to Joseph Smith?
Acts 3
Isaiah 11
Joel 2
Moroni warned Joseph that Satan would try to tempt him:
to get the plates for the purpose of getting rich
How many times did Moroni visit Joseph Smith within a twenty four hour period?
Joseph married Emma Hale on:
January 18, 1827
On the evening of the 21st of September of 1823, Joseph was determined:
to know of his state and standing before God
What is in the prophecy of Joel concerning the latter days that seems contrary to traditional Christianity, but to have fulfillment in LDS church history?
your daughters shall prophesy
What was Joseph and Oliver translating when they decided to ask God about baptism?
the account of the Savior's ministry
After his baptism, Joseph Smith said that:
I began to have the scriptures laid open to my understanding
John the Baptist addressed Joseph and Oliver:
my fellow servants
The prayer that would eventually lead to the visit from the John the Baptist took place:
at the river Susquehanna's edge
Which of the following was Oliver Cowdery least impressed him with the visit of John the Baptist?
his physical appearance
How did President Hinckley describe the importance of the First Vision?
the truth of that unique, singular and remarkable event is the pivotal substance of our faith
Who is the author of the descriptive footnote at the end of Joseph Smith History?
Oliver Cowdery
Which of the following said of the First Vision: "The First Vision of the Prophet Joseph Smith is bedrock theology to the Church. The adversary knows this and has attacked Joseph Smith's credibility from the day he announced the visitation of the Father and the Son.
Ezra Taft Benson
Which of the following said of the First Vision: "To me it is a significant and marvelous thing that in establishing and opening this dispensation our Father did so with a revelation of himself and of his Son Jesus Christ, as if to say to all the world that he was weary of the attempts of men, earnest though these attempts might have been, to define and describe him".
Gordon B. Hinckley
Which of the following said of the First Vision: "It struck first at atheism".
John A. Widtsoe
Which of the following said of the First Vision: "I should just like to make one observation. You know, if I cannot accept this First Vision, I do not see how I can be regarded as a member of this church".
J. Reuben Clark
Where is Moses Chapter 1 located in the Inspired Version of the Bible?
a revelation prefacing Genesis
The divine visitor in Moses Chapter 1 represented himself by message and reference to be:
God the Father
What was the effect of the withdrawal of the 'presence of God' on Moses?
he fell to the ground exhausted
Moses was only able to endure the presence of God because:
he was transfigured before Him
Correcting Satan's reference to him as a son of man, Moses declared:
I am a son of God, in the similitude of His only begotten.
Which of the following did Satan command Moses to do?
to worship him
Moses finally overcame Satan by:
commanding that he depart in the name of the Only Begotten
The original record of the confrontation between Moses and Satan is missing from biblical records because of:
How comprehensive was Moses' vision of the 'workmanship of mine own hands' as it pertains to this planet?
it included every particle and every soul that would comprise it
The plan providing for the salvation of all the spirit children of God, the Father of us all, was ordained and established by:
God, the eternal Elohim
Which of the following did God declare to Moses to be his work and his glory?
to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of men
God's plan for the salvation of man included 3 pillars of eternity.
What are they?
the creation, the fall, and the atonement
Of the three pillars of eternity, it may be said that:
no one of them stands alone, each of them ties into the other two.
Which statement best describes the doctrinal origin of Adam?
he was a direct and lineal offspring of deity
Prior to his role as Adam in the garden of Eden, the chief angel of Heaven was known as:
Of the many mysteries addressed in the creation accounts, the Church expressed an official position on:
the divine origin of man
Adam's work associated with this mortal earth and mankind's history:
will go on through the millennial era, the resurrection, and the final banishment of Lucifer
The Garden of Eden was 'spiritual' in nature because:
there was no blood, there was no birth of children, there was no kind of death, there was no sin.
A fundamental distinction between the LDS view and views of other faiths regarding the earth and its creation, is that the earth itself has the important destiny of:
being crowned with celestial glory and possessed by those sanctified unto eternal life
Traditional Christian views of the creation of women hold that she is inferior to men because:
-she was created out of man
-her creation was an afterthought
-she was created last
In the LDS view, the scriptural account of the creation of Adam and Eve is:
In premortal life, what did Satan seek that was evil before God?
to destroy the agency of man
The traditional Christian views of the fall cast serious condemnation on women because:
-she conversed with Satan
-she yielded to Satan's deception
-she seduced or entrapped man to follow her into sin
The scripture states that Satan 'sought to beguile Eve, for he knew no the mind of God...'
From this we may conclude:
that had Satan known the mind of God he would not have sought to beguile Eve in the way he did.
Which of the following was not part of Eve's stated reasoning at the moment she decided to partake of the fruit?
it was desirable to make her beautiful
From Lehi's declaration that the actions of Adam and Eve 'have been done in the wisdom of him who knoweth all things' we may conclude that:
God's wisdom in the plan of salvation called for the very things they did.
According to Lehi, if Adam and Eve had not partaken of the fruit of the tree of knowledge:
they would have known no joy, they would have had no children, they would have done no good.
When Eve was filled with the Holy Ghost, she realized that were it not for their transgression, they would not have:
known the eternal life God gives the obedient
President Joseph F Smith interpreted the passage, "but of the tree of knowledge...thou shalt not eat..." to mean that:
it was a law that applied only if they wanted to remain in the Garden
The instruction to Adam and Eve that "this thing is a similitude of the sacrifice of the only begotten of the Father"
sacrificial offerings of the firstlings of their flocks
Which of the following was among 'all things' that Adam and Eve made known to their children who rejected the gospel?
the commandments God gave them from the way toward the Garden of Eden
the gospel truths an angel taught them when they were offering the firstlings of their flock
the gospel truths taught them by the Holy Ghost
Why did the earliest children of Adam and Eve reject the gospel they had been taught and become carnal, sensual and devilish?
they loved Satan more than God
Cain's offering was primarily unacceptable to God because:
it was not flesh and blood
The Book of Remembrance kept in Adam's day consisted of:
the writings of many people under the Spirit of inspiration
The descendants of Seth were characterized as:
preachers of righteousness
Enoch's reputation in the land was that of a:
wild man, seer, strange thing
Enoch grew up in the land of:
Which of the following is closest to the number of verses in the POGP "book of Enoch" that are not in the King James Biblical text?
Adam was baptized by:
the Spirit of the Lord
Which statement best describes the extent of the gospel taught to Adam?
the entire plan of salvation
The Lord called his people Zion because:
they were of one heart and one mind
After Zion and the righteous people were taken into heaven, angels continued to teach people on earth. Those who were converted
were caught up into Zion
"Children of men", "sons of men", and "daughters of men" made reference to:
all the posterity of Adam and Eve who rejected the gospel.
While in vision and conversation with God, Enoch was stunned by God's weeping. To Enoch's query, "how is it that thou canst weep?", God answered:
-these shall suffer
-these are the work of my own hands
-they are without affection
Speaking of the convo God had with Enoch about weeping over the children who were to be destroyed in the flood, Jeffrey R. Holland said:
That single riveting scene does more to teach the true nature of God than
Identifying three great stunners that are borne out in the teachings of the Book of Moses, Neal A. Maxwell stated they:
restructure our understanding of the nature of God, the universe, and man's personal identity.
Which of the following is among the stunners Neal A Maxwell identified in the revelations of Joseph Smith's surrounding the Book of Moses?
-the vastness of the universe which includes perhaps 70 sextill. stars
-man is at the very center of God's concerns and purposes,
-mans longevity as Gods spirit children
Which of Enoch's sons was left behind to fulfill God's covenant to Enoch that Noah should be the fruit of his loins?
Which of the following was the oldest son of Noah according to the Book of Moses?
Which statement is used to describe the people God determined to destroy in the flood?
being only evil continuingly
Moses 1:6
I have a work for thee, Moses, my son.
Genesis 3
Negative image on women because of the story of Eve's fall
1 Nephi 13:40
Shall make known the plain and precious things
D&C 101:32
When the Lord shall come, he shall reveal all things
Genesis 2
Negative image on women because of the story of Eve's creation
Moses 4:6
When the Lord shall come, he shall reveal all things
Moses 5:11
Were it not for our transgression we never should have had seed
2 Nephi 2:25
Adam fell that men might be
Moses 7:48
Wo wo is me the mother of men
Moses 8:27
Noah was a just man and perfect in his generation
Collected things and sold them to museums
Antonio Lebollo
When Lebollo died, mummies were willed to this man.
Michael Chandler
Did woodcuts for facsimiles.
Reuben Headlock
discovered papyri
Ram headed god with red disk
Facsimile 2.
Hypocephalus: egyptian religion.
Relates to concept of resurrection and life after death.
May 4
first temple endowments administered in this dispensation
The Articles of Faith came from...
The Wentworth Letter
The Wentworth Letter was written:
March 1, 1842