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How many players are on each team?
Where was it originated
Who was it invented by?
Dr. James A. Naismith
When was it invented and where?
Springfeild, Massachusetts
What is traveling?
moving both feet while not dribbling the ball
What is a Double Dribble?
Two-Handed Dribble?
Dribbling with two hands on the ball
Out of Bounds?
Stepping or dribbling on the boundary lines.
Back Court?
Dribbling into the back court.
Five Seconds?
Not inbounding the ball within five seconds
Three Seconds in the Lane?
Standing in the lane too long.
What are the three main fouls?
1. Pushing, hitting, tripping
2. Blocking
3. Charging
Explain the three main fouls.
1. Pushing hitting and tripping are self explanatory
2. Blocking is stepping in front of a moving dribbler
3. Charging is dribbling into a stationary defender
the team with the ball
the team without the ball
Zone Defense
players cover areas around basket
Player-to-player Defense
Each player guards an opponent
To jump up and take possession of a ball which misses the basket
Free Throw
A one point shot taken from the free throw line when fouled.
A Basket
When the ball goes through the hoop and two points are awarded.
Moving one foot while the other stays in contact with the ground.
What is the court length?
94 feet
What is the basket height?
10 feet
What is the 3 point line distance
19 feet 9 inches
What is the free throw line distance?
15 feet
Who are the guards? How many are there?
ball handlers, usually shoot from the outside

Who are the forwards? How many are there?
usually taller, rebounder, shoot inside or out

Who's the center? How many are there?
Usually the tallest player, good rebounder, inside shooter