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Who was Dr. James Naismith?
The inventor of basketball
dink shot
force out
double play
kill shot
side out
red card
game set, match
tennis, volleyball
goal tending
soccer, basketball
strike out
softball, baseball
volleyball, football
Pass interference
flag football
What is the governing body of soccer?
Double dribble
Football: Strategy when offense of time, punts the ball before 4th down.
You play field position and don’t want to commit a turnover
Any Sport: What is the theory or concept behind substitution?
It changes the pace of the game to your advantage.
Tennis: a ball served in tennis, hits the net and goes over. What is this called and what happens?
Fault and receives a second serve.
Soccer: What are the responsibilities of the sideline judge?
To call off sides or foul
Basketball: The ball makes contact with the rim and both teams battle for the ball with neither team successfully gaining the ball. What is this called? Why?
A jump ball, because neither of the teams go the ball.
How many points are free throws worth? Typically, how many free throws are given?
One point each free throw. Two free throws are the typical number of free throws
Which player in flag football has responsibility to snap the ball? Can the ball be snapped at any time?
The center has the responsibility to snap the ball because he doesn’t have to wait for defense. The ball can be snapped at any time.
How is it determined in flag football when each team moves at the line of scrimmage, who should receive penalty. Why?
Who ever moves first receives penalty, because they moved before the opposite team.
What happens when the net is touched in volleyball, why?
illegal move.A point is awarded to the opposite team because touching the net is an
What aspect of the game in volleyball can you score an ace?
By serving and the other team does not (cannot) return the ball.
What are three types of serves?
Underhand, overhand, and jump serve
How many points is a touchdown worth in football?
6 points
What is a foot fault in tennis?
When the server steps on the baseline before contact is made.
In what sport is the term illegal motion used?
Flag football
How many yards is a person allowed to chuck in football?
5 yards down the field
How many fouls are given in a basketball team before the person is eliminated (excused)?
5 fouls
How far does the line of scrimmage separate each team in football?
3 yards
What is a yellow card in soccer?
A warning
How many feet is the free-throw line away from the basket?
15 ft
In what year was the set and spike introduced in volleyball?
What does the first down give the offense team in football?
A new set of downs
When is the red zone used in football?
When the offense has the ball inside the 20-yard line.
In what sport is a 6-4-3 play used?
Softball/ Baseball
What term is used when a player in a volleyball game saves a kill shot?
In what country was tennis invented?
What is the term used when there is an interference in the penalty box?
Penalty kick
How does a basketball game begin?
By a jump ball
How does a flag football game begin?
With a coin flip
What is the responsibility of the midfielder in the game?
To control the pace of the game