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What do hypokinetic conditions have to do with?
Hypokinetic conditions occur because of a lack of physical activity.
What are the three levels to the stairway of lifetime fitness (starting from the bottom)?
1. Level of Dependance
2. Level of Decision Making
3. Level of Independence
What does hyperthermia refer to?
Hyperthermia refers to your body overheating.
What does hypothermia refer to?
Hypothermia refers to a low body temperature.
What does a ligament connect?
Ligaments connect bones to bones.
What do each of the letters in the RICE formula for treating injuries stand for?
How many total health components are there?
There are 5 health components.
How many total skill components are there?
There are 6 skill components.
List all of the health components.
Cardiovascular Fitness
Muscular Endurance
Body Fatness
List all of the skill components.
Reaction Time
What are the 5 parts of a workout?
1. Warm up
2. Flexibility
3. Main Body of Workout
4. Cool Down
5. Flexibility
What do the letters in the FITT formula stand for?
How do you calculate someones Target Heart Rate?
Maximum Heart Rate - Resting Heart Rate
How do you calculate someones Maximum Heart Rate?
220 - age
What are the three basic principles of physical activity?
Principle of Overload
Principle of Progression
Principle of Specificity
What are the factors that influence physical fitness?
What are the stages of physical activity?
Couch Potato
Inactive Thinker
Active Exerciser
How many sections are there in the physical activity pyramid?
There are 6 sections
Name the parts of the physical activity pyramid
Lifestyle physical activites
active Sports and Recreational activites
Aerobic activites
Flexibility activites
Muscle fitness activites
Sedetary living
Define "flexibility".
The ability of the body and its joints to move through a full-range of possible motion.
How can you improve your flexibility?
Do stretching exercises for 15-20 per day- EVERY DAY!
What can flexibility help?
Ward off injury
Define "muscular strength".
the amount of force your muscle can exert against a resistance.
How can you improve muscular strength?
Increase the amount of weight and lower the number of repititions.
Why is muscular strength important?
you will need strenth the rest of your life, you will need it for endurance, and it helps your quality of life.
Define "muscular endurance".
the ability to continue using muscular strength for an extended period of time.
How can you improve muscular endurance?
Decrease the amount of weight and increase the number of repititions.
Why is muscular endurance important?
you will need endurance the rest of your life, you cant live without it, it will improve the quality of life.
Define "body fatness".
the comparison of the ratio of body fat tissue compared to the lean body tissue.
How can you improve your body fatness?
Decrease the amount of body fat while at the same time increasing the amount of lean body tissue.
Why is body fatness important?
it can lead to health issues.
Define "cardiovascular endurance".
the ability of the body to sustain vigorous exercise of an extended period of time
How can you improve cardiovascular endurance?
follow the FITT formula
Why is cardiovascular endurance important?
It helps decrease diesease and be fit.