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which part in the shaft of the penis contains the urethra?
corpus spongiosum
which teste typically lies somewhat lower?
this hormone stimulates the pubertal growth of the male genitalia, prostate and seminal vesicles, secondary sex char?
what two main "products" do the testes produce?
spermatozoa and testosterone
where are sperm stored, matured and eventually transported from to the vas deferans?
in the comma-shaped epididymis on the posterolateral surface of each testis
what is the pathway of sperm?
testis, epididymis through the vas deferens into the urethra
what are the two stimuli necessary to cause erection from venous engorgement of the corpora cavernosa?
sympathetic outflow: visual/audiotry/erotic to T11 - L2

tactile stimulation: from genitalia to parasymp.
S2- S4
your male p reports a penile discharge. you immediately think
gonococcal (yellow)
urethritis (clear or white)
a tight prepuce that cannot be retracted over the glands?
a tight prepuce that once retracted cannot be returned, edema ensues?
inflammation of the glans?
a congenital defect in which the urethral meatus is located on the ventral surface of the glans, penile shaft or perianal area
induration along the ventral surface of the penis suggest?
a urethral stricture or possibly a carcinoma
an undescended testicle, that causes a pororly developed scrotum on one or both sides?
what are some common causes of scrotal swelling?
indirect inguinal hernias
scrotal edema
any painless nodule in the testis must raise the possibility of ?
testicular cancer; potentially curable
upon palpation of the spermatic cord you feel multiple tortuous veins on the left side. what does this strongly indicate?
variocose veins of the spermatic cord, usually found on the left. feels like a soft bag of worms. separates from the testes?
upon PE you attempt to transiluminate the swelling in his scrotum. what can you expect to happen if he has hydrocele?
swelling containing serous fluid will light up with a red glow.
you are about to palpate for an inguinal hernia. where do you insert your gloved finger?
after finding the external inguinal ring: above and lateral to the pubic tubercle.
your patient complains of a large scrotal mass. you suspect a hernia. you ask the patient to lie down. it returns to the abdomen...what is your dx?
then gently try to reduce it.

otherwise: suspect hydrocele
auscultate mass. (nothing heard over hydrocele)
what is the MC type of cancer of young men (ages 15-35)
testicular cancer
what are 5 risk factors for testicular ca?
H/O carcinoma in contralateral side
mumps orchitis
inguinal hernia
hydrocele in childhood
a cancer that is limited almost completely to men who are not circumcised in childhood, usually masked by the prepuce, indurated nodule or ulcer that is usually nontender
carcinoma of the penis
pearly gray lesions, caused by a poxvirus, sexually transmitted, occuring most commonly on the glans penis
molluscum contagiosum
a disease that is generally squamous and tends to occur in uncircumcised men who practice poor hygiene?
penile carcinoma
inflammation of the glans penis. Lack of aeration and irritation because of smegma and discharge surrounding the glans penis causes inflammation and edema known as?
firm yellowish, nontender cutaneous cysts up to about 1 cm in diameter, common and frequently multiple?
epidermoid cysts
pitting edema may make the scrotal skin taut. it may accompany the generalized edema of CHF or nephrotic syndrome?
scrotal edema
a nontender fluid-filled mass within the tunica vaginalis, that transluminates and the examining fingers can get above the mass within the scrotum?
usually an indirect hernia, that comes through the external inguinal ring so the examining fingers cannot get above the mass?
scrotal hernia
a painless, movable cystic mass just above the testis (on the epididymis) suggests?
spermatocele or an epididymal cyst. both transluminate.
an abnormal tortuosity and dilation of veins of the pampiniform plexus within the spermatic cord, MC on left side, associated with reduced fertility; elevated testicular temp?
acute inflammation of the testes, a complication of mumps, generally unilateral, results in testicular atrophy in 50% of the cases. may result from bacterial migration from a prostatic infection
what are the top two dx on your differential for a patient who presents with inflammation of the epididymis, marked erythematious scrotum?
testicular torsion