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Name the primary headaches

*with aura
*without aura

Name the secondary headaches
analgesic rebound
headaches from eye disorders
headaches from sinusitis
giant cell(temporol)arteritis
posttraumatic headache
subarachnoid hemorage
brain tumor
cranial neuralgia
process unclear. location bilateral, localized to the back of the head and upper neck or to the frontotemporal area. mild to moderat intensity. onset gradual, duration minutes to days, course recurrent or persistant. sometimes photophobia, phonophobia. aggrabvated by muscle tension, relieved by relaxation
Primary neuronal disfunction, possibly of brainstem origin. location unilateral in 70%; bifrontal in 30%. throbbing or aching varible in severity. onset rapid reaching a peak in 1-2 hr. duration 4-72 hr. nausea, vomiting, photphobia, flickering zig zagging lines. numbness tingling usualy precede headache. provoked by alcohol certain foods or tention, relieved by dark and quiet.
process unclear, possible vasodilation. location unilateral near or behind the eyes, deep, continuous severe. onset abrupt peaks within minutes, duration up to 3 hrs course episodic, clustered in time with several each day, lacrimation, rhinorrehea, miosis, ptosis, eyelid edema, conjunctival infection. sensitivity to alcohol
Analgesic rebound
withdrawl from medication, location previous headache patern, severity variable, onset variable, duration depends on prior headache pattern, course depends on frequency of mini withdrawls, aggravated by fever, carbon monoxide, hypoxia, withdrawl of caffeine
Errors of refraction
process due to sustained contraction of the extraocular muscles, location around and over the eyes, may radiate to occipital area, steady, aching, dull, onset gradual, duration variable, course variable, associated with eye fatigue, sandy feeling, redness of conjuctiva, aggrivated by prolonged use of the eyes. relieved by rest.
Acute glaucoma
process sudden increase in intraocular pressure, in and aroun one eye, steady aching often severe, onset often rapid, duration variable may depend on treatment,course variable, diminished vision, sometimes nausea and vomiting, sometimes prevoked by drops that dilate the pupils.
mucosal inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, usually above one eye, aching or throbbing, variable in severity, consider possible migrine, onset variable, duration often several hrs at a time recurring over days or longer, course often recurrent in a daily repetitive pattern, local tendernes, nasal congestion, discharge and fever, aggravated by coughing sneezing, relieved by decongestants, antibiotics.
Infection of the meninges surrounding the brain, location generalized, steady or throbbing, very severe, onset fairly rapid, duration variable usually days, course a persistent headache in an acute illness. fever stiff neck.
Giant cell (temporal)arteritis
Vasculitis from cell-mediated immune response to elastic lamina of artery, location near involved artery, throbbing, generalized persistent often severe, onset gradual or rapid, duration variable, course recurrent or persistent over weeks to months, tenderness of the adjacent scalp, fever 50%,fatigue - weight loss 60%, jaw claudication 50%, blindness 15-20%, polymyalgia rheumatica 50%,
Posttraumatic headache
mechanism unclear similar to tension and migraine without aura,may be localized to injured area but not neccesarily, generalized dull, aching, constant, onset within hrs to 1-2 days of the injury, duration weeks months even years, tends to diminish over time, poor concentration, problems with memory, vertigo, irritability, restlessness, fatigue, provoked by mental and physical exertion, alcahol.
Subarachnoid hemorrhage
bleeding, most often from a ruptured intracranial aneurysim, location generalized,VERY SEVERE THE WORST OF MY LIFE, onset abrupt, duration variable usually days, a persistant headache in an acute illness, nausea vomitin, possibly loss of consiousness, neck pain.
Brain tumor
displacement of or traction on pain sensitive arteries and veins or pressure on nerves, location varies, aching steady variable in intensity, onset variable, duration often brief, often intermittent but progressive, may be aggravated by coughing, sneezing or sudden movement of the head
Cranial neuralgias (CN-V)
compression of CN-V, often by aberrant loop of artery or vein, location cheek, jaws, lips or gums; trigeminal nerve divisions2 and 3 > 1, shocklike stabbing, burning, severe, onset abrupt, paroxysmal, each jab lasts seconds but recurs at intervals of seconds or minutes, may last for months, then disappear for months, but often recurs, uncommon at night, exhaustion from recurrent pain, touching certain areas of the lower face or mouth; chewing, talking, brushing teeth can prevoke