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A non-milky unilateral nipple discharge suggest?
Local breast disease
What are the risk factors for breast CA
Family history
Early menarchy
Late menopause
Late Pregnancy
A fine, round, mobile, nontender breast lesion common between 15-25 y/o
A palpable mass in a pt >50 y/o
Cancer until proven otherwise
What is the recommended age to begin monthly self breast exams?
age 20
Women between 20-39 should get clinical breast exams every?
3 years

annually with mammogram for women >40
Redness, oozing and crusting, and a sore that does not heal on one nipple
Paget's disease
A benign contdition of dilated ducts with surrounding inflammation
Mammary duct ectasia
What are the most common breast masses?
Breast CA
Dermatitis of the nipple
Paget's disease
Peau D'orange sign
Produced by edema of the skin caused by lymphatic blockage