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how do we distinguish sacraments?
Christ instituted them
they directly represent Christ and His benefits
what 3 things does a sacrament do?
what does a sign do?
points to Jesus
(its for his sake)
what does a seal do?
assures us
like an engagement ring
its for our sake
what does the mark do?
for outsiders
out team colors
what power does a sacrament have?
what do we mean by a "spiritual relation"?
that Christ has chosen to make these powerless materials a means of blessing
what is the difference between validity and efficacy?
validity has to do with whether or not it is a sacrament administered appropriately
efficacy has to do with its power to do anything
in where lies the validity of baptism?
God's promises
in where lies the efficacy of baptism?
God's choosing purposes
the work of the Spirit
the person's response in faith
why do many reject the Reformed view of infant baptism?
because they think it is only valid when it is efficacious (on either side of the issue: Baptist or Catholic)
how are OT sacraments similar and different to NT sacraments?
they point to Christ, but in different ways
how would you summarize baptism to a layperson?
entrance into God's visible people
how would you summarize communion to a layperson?
strength for the journey
who are some households that God related to?
Adam, Cain, Abel, Abraham, Philippian jailer, Lydia, those hearing Acts 2 sermon
what might make the sign of circumcision confusing?
that, even though it was an engagement ring or team color, God warned death if it was not used
what is our responsibility with the sacraments?
explain them to our kids
the "visible church"?
believers and unbelievers
explains some problematic passages that talk about "falling away"
the "visible church" and baptism
it's not our job to finally judge whether someone is saved or not
Lord's supper: validity & efficacy
validity is pretty easy to establish
efficacy is very mysterious
why not transsubstantiation?
only 1 sacrifice (Heb)
why not consubstantiation?
Christ's body is in heaven
why not memorial only?
because Christ did use mysterious language (John 6; Matt 26)
even before household logic, what is really a pre-requisite for someone to understand baptism?
Covenant Theology