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How to enter the A/P transactions?
This will record the expense account and A/P account:

Choose vendors ->
bills ->
Choose vendor in the vendor box ->
In the date box, enter the date the bill is received from vendor ->
In the terms box, enter the payment terms; then QB will automically calculate the bill due date to us ->
Enter the amount due ->
Enter the expense account in the account list ->
In the ref no. box type the vendor invoice number ->

-p. 276
How to use the memorized function for the bills which is paid regularly at the same amount e.g. rental expense?
Choose bills ->
Fill in the fields for the regular expense ->
Press Ctrl + M->
Type a name for the memorized bill ->
Specific when to remind this bill transaction ->
Close the memorized transction dialog box and it will only memorize the transaction but will not add to the A/P yet until you save this transaction as the bills
What is purchase orders?
Purchase order - used to record the type and quantity of goods to be ordered and compare with the actual shipments to make sure to receive what actually ordered.
How to create purchase orders?
It is nonposting transaction which does not record anything to the account yet.

- p.284
Choose vendors ->
Create purchase orders ->
How to show the icons of inventory and purchase orders separately?
In order to show two things separately,

Choose prefernces ->
turn on the inventory and purchase orders checkbox
when receive inventory and bills simultaneously?
Then we need to record the inventory and A/P at the same time:

1. Click vendors ->
choose "receive items and enter the bill" ->
choose the vendor name ->
if the vendor has attached with the purchase order,there will have the open purchase order dialog ->

2. If know the purchase order number then click yes to open the order file directly and QB will automically fill in some data in the bill


if don't know the order number, then click no first to close the dialog and then choose reports -> purchase-> open purchase orders reports to view the details of the order and check the order number and then repeat step 1 and 2 again to enter the bills and inventory

- p. 286
When receive inventory before the bill?
In this case, it will only record the inventory account and then enter the A/P when receive the bill later:

1. choose vendors ->
2. choose receive items ->

Then when the bill arrives, choose vendors -> choose 'enter bills against inventory' ->
in the select item receipt dialog box, choose the item corresponds to the bill you just received and click ok

- p.288
What is reimbursable expenses?
They are expenses that can claim back to customers later
What accounts need to set up to record the reimbursable expenses?
Reimursable expenses account:
subaccounts for
different reimursable

Reimursable income account:
choose preferences ->
click sales and customers ->
turn on the Reimbursed expenses as income checkbox->
This account will track the money received from cusotmers for the reimbursed expenses into the income account
How to enter the bills and invoicing the customers for the reimbursable expenses?
To record the reimbursable expense:
choose enter bills ->
in the item list table, choose customer and the column beside customer will show an icon to indicate as the reimbursable expenses

To record the reimbursable expense as income:
To add the expense on the customer's invoice

- p.291
How to pay the bills?
choose vendor ->
choose pay bills ->
if choose show all bills and sort bills by discount date->
click the bill on the table, then you can see its discount and credit for this bill ->
choose the payment account such as which check account->
choose the payment method - can print or write the check ->
choose the payment date
How to apply purchase discounts and credits automatically?
choose preferences ->
click purchase and vendors ->
turn on the automatically use purchase discounts and credits ->
name the default discount account as the vendor discount account ->
the discount can either be expense or income account depending the user preferences->
if choose automatically applying, then the payment will automatically deduct any discount and credit available but you can change the amount by clicking set the discount and credit if
How to apply purchase discounts and credits maually?
choose vendor ->
choose 'pay the bills' ->
choose 'set the discounts' to open the discount and credit dialog and choose either credit or discount tab
What if the payment method choose to write the check by hand?
in the payment method, choose 'assign check no.' ->
click pay and close, then it will appear assign no. dialog box ->
choose either 'automatically assign the next check no.' or 'assign appropriate no.'
How to print the checks?
choose file -> print forms->
choose checks ->
in the 'select check to print' dialog box, enter the number of the first check in the printer ->
after click ok, 'print check box' appear, then it can choose the check style option (ref p. 302) and need to enter the number of check in the printer ->
after choosing, click print->
after printing, if problem exists, enter the number of the check which has problem; it will reprint that check and all the checks that follow

p. 303
What if writing the checks to pay immediately without entering the bills?
THe following can allow to record the check, expense/inventory at one time transaction:

on the home page, choose 'write checks' ->
Fill in the check and the expense item for the check payment

p. 305
What if want to date the check by using the date to print the check instead of the date record up the check to QB?
choose preferences ->
click checking ->
turn on 'change check date when check is printed'
How to check the 'check no.' in order to assign the no. to the next check?
choose charts of account ->
click the checking account ->
choose 'the use register'
What if the next checking account number does not match the next checking no. on the paper check?
It could be due to:
Void check - the paper check is used not for payment
Stealing - steal the blank the paper check
How to record the vendor credits?
The following will help record the vendor credit to reduce the inventory or expenses and also store the credit to reduce future A/P balances:

Choose vendor -> enter bill->
Choose credit option ->
on the item table, choose the item you receive the credit -> click save and close

How to read all the vendor credits available?
If want to check what vendor credits available:

choose reports ->
vendor & payables ->
vendor balance detail ->
click modify report ->
Filters tab -> filters list->
choose transaction type -> choose bill credit if you only want to see the bill credit

p. 298
What if going to pay by cash instead of check?
p. 307
What if going to pay by credit card?
p. 308
What if going to pay sales tax?
These are the taxes which are collected from customers and remit to government:

choose vendors ->
sales tax ->
pay sales tax ->
in the dialog, it will show the amount of sales tax being collected and which tax agency we are going to remit->
if want to change the tax amount, click 'Adjust' ->
if don't want to print the check for sales tax, don't check the 'to be printed' checkbox

p. 312
How to add the check directly to the bank account?
Open 'chart of accounts' ->
double click the bank a/c->
enter the date, number, account, payment etc ->
if the check covers for multiple expenses or vendors accounts, then click spilts