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Name the 8 extrinsic muscles and state which attach to scapula and which to humerus.
4 attach to scapula - ROTS
Serratuc ventralia

4 attach to humerus - BLPP
Latissimus dorsi
Supf Pectoral
Deep Pectoral
Define syncarcosis.
joined by muscle
What happens to Tl if you cut all 8 extrinsic mm?
it detaches from body
If removal total TL - how many extrinsic mm must be cut?
all 8 - ROTS & BLPP
If removing the TL at the humeral joint - how many extrinsic mm must be cut?
only 4 - BLPP
What 2 things comprise the joint capsule?
fibrous capsule
synovial mb
_____ teeth - teeth act like scissors - mainly implies the action of upper PM4 against lower M1.
Which muscles form the syncarcosis of the TL?
extrinsic or intrinsic
Define abaxial and axial.
abaxial - away from axis
axial - closest to axis
What are the 3 components of the tendon sheath?
firbous surface
tendon sheath
Define muscle head.
muscle heads - same distal attachment but different (heads) proximal attachments
In the dog, how many muscle heads does the triceps brachii have?
4 - all insert on tuber olecrani
long head
lateral head
accessory head
medial head
Which nerve innervates the triceps brachii m?
radial nerve
The triceps brachii m is an antagonist of what muscle?
biceps brachii
______ - the image on the film is larger than the real object and is less distinct (more fuzzy)
magnification artifact
Explain the cranial drawer sign.
diagnostic check to see if cranial cruciate ligament is busted
if you can pull forward (like a drawer) it is busted
Patella luxations are usually to the ______ (medial or lateral) side.
What is a meniscus made of?
_____ - inward deviation (as in medial patellar luxation)
_______ recession - correction for patellar luxation - cut out (butterfly) & deepen trochlear groove then replace cut out
trochlear wedge
Which muscle is the most important extensor (primary mover) of the genual joint?
quadriceps m
pelvic ____ - space b/w pelvic inlet & outlet
_____ = pelvic cavity + bony pelvis
a) pelvis
b) bony pelvis
c) ossa coxarum
d) pelvic girdle
e) os coxae
a) pelvis
_____ = ossa coxarum + sacrum + Ca1
a) pelvis
b) bony pelvis
c) ossa coxarum
d) pelvic girdle
e) os coxae
b) bony pelvis
_____ = R os caxae + L os coxae
a) pelvis
b) bony pelvis
c) ossa coxarum
d) pelvic girdle
e) os coxae
c) ossa coxarum
______ = ossa coxarum
a) pelvis
b) bony pelvis
c) ossa coxarum
d) pelvic girdle
e) os coxae
d) pelvic girdle
_____(pelvic inlet or outlet) = R&L ilial shafts + R&L pubis (cranial border) + promontory of S1
pelvic inlet
_____(pelvic inlet or outlet) = S3 & Ca1 + R&L sacrotuberous lgg + R&L ischiatic tuberosities + ischiatic arch
pelvic outlet
Name the 4 joints of the tarsus.
tarsocrural jt
prox intertarsal jt
distal intertarsal jt
tarsometatarsal jt
3 Types of Fibrinous Joints:
_____ - eg skull
_____ - eg b/w carpal bones
_____ - eg teeth in alveoli
2 Types of Cartilaginous Jts:
_____ - (fibrocartilage) eg pelvis, mandible, IV disk)
_____ - (hyaline cartilage) eg physeal plate, CCJ
Name the 3 joints of the carpus.
antebrachial jt
middle carpal jt
carpometacarpal jt
Name the 3 joints of the digit.
metacarpophalangeal jt
proximal interphalangeal jt
distal interphalangeal jt
______ (symphysis or synchondrosis)= cartilaginous jt made of fibrocartilage
______ (symphysis or synchondrosis)= cartilaginous jt made of hyaling cartilage
____ thoracic vertebrae
____ ribs
____ rib costal cartilages
____ sternebrae
sternal ribs = ___ pairs
asternal ribs = ___ pairs
sternal = 9 pairs
asternal = 4 pairs
Why is the last pair of asternal ribs in dogs called floating ribs?
the costal cartilages of this pair end freely
sternabra #___ = manubrium sterni
sternabra #___ = xiphoid process
1 = manubrium sterni
8 = xiphoid process
T or F
Costal cartilages are most flexible in young animals and tend to calcify with age.
The ____ is fomed by the costal cartilages of the asternal ribs.
costal arch
Thoracic cage ______ (inlet or outlet):
1st pair of ribs laterally
1st thoracic vertebra - dorsally
1st sternabra - ventrally
Thoracic cage ______ (inlet or outlet):
last pair of ribs & costal arch - laterally
12th thoracic vertebra - dorsally
8th sternabra - ventrally
Dog - permanent dentition:
incisors erupt at ___ mos
canines erupt at ___ mos
incisors - 4 mo
canines - 6 mo
Name the ligament that attaches from the acetabular fossa to fovea capitis. Which ligament is behind this one?
ligament of femoral head

transverse acetabular ligament
What is the most common direction for a hip to dislocate/luxate?
cranialdorsal luxation
Distal femur & prox tibia don't fit together very well (not congruent). What makes them congruent?
lateral meniscus
medial meniscus
What is the largest sesamoid bone in the body?
What muscle is the strongest flexor of the coxal joint?
What is the strongest extensor?
iliopsoas muscle

middle gluteal muscle
What makes up the femoral triangle?
V - femoral vein
A - femoral artery
N - saphenous nerve
Femoral Triangle Boundaries:
_____ - Sartorius m.
_____ - Pectineus m.
_____ - Quadriceps femoris m.
Where do you perform venipuncture in Pl of dogs? Cats?
dogs- lateral saphenous v.

cats - femoral v.
Lumbosacral Plexus:
- cord segments - ____ to ____
- vertebrae - ____ to ____
cord segments L3 - S3
vertebrae Le - L5
_____ nerve runs b/w medial & lateral heads of gastrocnemius m.
tibial n
_____ nerve runs over lateral surface of lateral head of gastrocnemius m.
common peroneal n
What fxn is compromised at the tarsocrural jt if the tibial nerve is injured?
What fxn is compromised at the tarsocrural jt if the common peroneal nerve is injured?
_____ trunk = cranial gluteal n. + caudal gluteal n. + ischiatic n.
lumbosacral trunk
What is the canine permanent dentition formula?
2[I 3/3, C 1/1, PM 4/3, M 2/3] = 42
How many roots do canine teeth & incisors have?
single root
T or F
Dog teeth are hypsodont (high-crowned)
F - all dog teeth are brachydont (low-crowned)
Are the following epaxial or hypaxial muscle?
- longissimus cervicis
- longissimus capitis
- semispinialis capitis
epaxial mm
Are the following epaxial or hypaxial muscle?
- scalenus
- serratus ventralis
- serratuc dorsalis
- external intercostal mm
- internal intercostals mm
hypaxial mm of thoracic wall