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Romans 1:16 Know the content of the verse
Flower of God for everyone who believes, first the Jew then the Gentile
Romans 1-3 Who is under sin?
Romans 4: Means by which Abraham was justified
Romans 5: results of Adam? results of Jesus?
Sin/Death & Life/righteousness
Romans 6: experience of Christians in relation to sin
body of sin is done away with, Dead to sin, alive in Christ anyone who hs died through Christ is freed from sin.
Romans 8: the results of the mind controlled by the Spirit
a mind of life, peace & righteousness
Romans 8: 38-39: Know the conent of these verses
Nothing can sperate us from the love of God
Romans 8: the security of the believer
life through the Spirit
Romans 9-11: generally, the main issue
Israels unbelief
Romans 12:"1-2: Paul's exhortation to Christians
Don't confirm to world, offer bodies as living sacrifices