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Place where Romans was written
Problem in the churches of Rome addressed by Romans
Jews and Gentiles weren't getting along in the church
General revelation
given to all human beings in general, through creation and provenence
Theme of Romans chapters 1-3
righteousness of God
3 places Paul intends to visit after writing Romans
Jerusalem, Rome, Spain
Primary example of depravity in Romans
Meaning of "redemption"
delivered from slavery
Purpose of the law
to show people how sinful they were
mercy-seat, expiation, propitiation
Meaning of propitiation
overt God's wrath
Example of justification by faith in Romans 4
Augustine's interpretation of Romans 5:12
All were included in Adam's sin
Pelagius's interpretation of Romans 5:12
All have repeated Adam's sin
Meaning of sanctification
the ongoing process of overcoming sin
Results of baptism in Romans 6
We crucify the old self
Professor's interpretation of Romans 7:14-25
inner conflict of every believer
Theme of Romans 8
The role of the Holy Spirit
Theme of Romans 9-11
Paul counteracts Gentile superiority
Problem addressed in Romans 14-15
Jewish christians were still adhering to the law....eating meat sacrificed to idols
Paul's solution to the problem in Romans
The strong should be sensitive to the weak
Identity of the "Weak" in Romans 14-15
Jewish Christians who still adhered to Jewish ceremonial law
3 interpretations of Phoebe's role
servant, deacon, minister
3 theories of the place of writing for Phillipians
Rome, Caesarea, Ephesus
Main reason people do not think Phillipians was written from Rome
the number of journeys back and forth
The primary reason Paul wrote Phillipians
Epaphroditus had been sick, the people were worried about him
Addressees in Phil. 1:1
saints, bishops, deacons
Meaning of episkopos
overseer, supervisor
What will happen to Paul after he dies
he will be in close communion w/God
Kenosis theory
Christ gave up his equality with God and accepted limitations of human form
Colossians connection with Philemon
written from the same place
Founder of the church in Colossae
View of Christ among the false teachers in Colossae
Jesus was a created being less than God
"firstborn of all creation"
Christ himself was involved in creation, he holds superior rank
"firstborn from the dead"
Christ's resurrection is the guarantee of future resurrection
Analogy of circumcision and baptism
both are rites of initiation
Results of baptism in Col. 2:11-13
receive the Holy Spirit
Relation between faith and baptism
Faith is the means by which we are buried and raised up with Christ, and baptism is when this occured
Philemon's occasion
Onesimus had run away from Philemon, and stole from him
Philemon's connection with Colossians
written in the same place
Meaning of "early catholicism"
apostles are a closed group: empasis on church structure
Evidence for circular letter theory
"in Ephesians" is missing
The primary principle of relationships in Eph. 5
Submission to God and to each other
Analogy of marriage in Eph.
between marriage and Christ's relationship to the church
Command to the husband in Ephesians
love their wives
Result of baptism in Eph.
spiritual purification from guilt of sin
Identity of the Pastoral Epistles
1 Tim, 2 Tim, Titus
Most likely order of the pastoral epistles
Titus, 1 Tim, 2 Tim
Where Titus was located
The main emphasis in Titus
good works, exemplary Christian behavior
Role of pastor-teacher in Eph. 4:11-13
to equip the saints for the work of ministry
Meaning of presbuteros
used in Jewish culture for leaders of the community; elder
Main problem addressed in 1 Tim.
False teaching
Where Timothy was located
Difference between overseers and deacons
deacons were responsible for specific areas of service
How sinning elders should be treated
rebuked publically
Provenance of 2 tim.
When and where Paul died
64-65, Rome