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Who do you notify of hospitalization when personnel are on leave or libery status?
How is notified of hospitalization of enlisted staff in transit status?
Co of new duty station, Chief of Naval Personnel Command (NAVPERCOM 40)
Personnel meeting the following criteria will be issued TAD orders?
Hospitalized less than 60 days
Issued when period of hospitalization is expected to be more than 60 days, or less than 30 days when the ship or unit deploys for more than 60 days?
Temporary6 Duty (TEMDU) Orders
Requests for transfer if pt to CONUS are normally sent via Defense Medical Regulating Intelligence System ((DMRIS) or message to Globall patient movement regulating center?
Procedure for transfering a member from overseas to conus
What happens when a reporting MTF cancels a patients transfer?
GPMRC is notified using the cite number and name of patient.
List the factors which require a medical board?
Condition that may permenately interfer with the ability to perform duty, continuted service would result in extended hospitalization, condition includes mental incompetence, Member suffers sugnigicant illness or injury that can affect service even if member appears normal.
Who is on a medical board?
2 Medical Officers with a 3rd assigned as a discretion of the covering authourity.
What happens if he patient is a reservist?
At least one board member muct be a reservist.
Who are the convening autourities of a medical board?
Commanding Officer, Fleet Commanders-in-chief.