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What is pathology?
Abnormal physiology
What is pathophysiology?
The study of suffering caused by abnormal physiology
What is Homeostasis?
The body's maintenance of stable internal conditions?
What are example of homeostatic conditions?
pH, fluid volume,temperature, blood pressure, electrolytes, oxygen and Co2 levels.
How does the body maintain homeostasis?
Negative feedback mechanism
What is disease?
A state of disequilibrium - homeostasis is disrupted
What is the outcome of disease?
Recovery or death
What is "Etiology"?
The cause of the disease
What are some examples of "etiology" of disease?
genetic, infectious agents, injury, idiopathic
What is "Pathogenesis"?
Disease progression or Cause and development
What is "Epidemiology"
A branch of medical science that deals with the incidence, distribution, and control of a disease in population.
What does "Pandemic" mean?
World Wide
Where does Pathogenesis begin?
Begins at a celluar level when homeostasis is disrupted.