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Regulation of the release of epinephrine from the adrenal medulla is an example of _________ regulation.
Which of the Following is a protein hormone?
A 45 year old female has elevated thyroxine production.Which of the following would accompany this condition?
Decreased TSH
A new hormone was isolated and found to be a water soluble amine. Which of the following is most like this new hormone?
When insulin binds to its receptors on muscle cells, an increase in glucose uptake by the muscle cells occurs. This is an example of a ______________ effect by a hormone.
A 30 year old male was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Synthesis of which of the following would decrease in this patient?
Thyroid binding globulin
To adapt to high hormone concentrations many target cells have the capacity for:
Down regulation
Lipid soluble hormone receptors cross the plasma membrane by:
Target cell receptors for most water soluble hormones are located in the
Cell membrane
The releasing hormones that are made in the hypothalamus travel to the anterior pituitary via the:
Hypophysial portal system
The hormone whose action leads to receptor autophosphorylation and activation of tyrosine kinase is:
Prolactin inhibiting factor's target tissue is the
Anterior Pituitary
Antidiiuretic hormone and Oxytocin are secreted into the bloodstream as active hormones by the:
Posterior pituitary
A 50 year old female patient underwent surgery to remove a pituitary tumor. During surgery the pituitary stalk was severed. Secretion of which of the following hormones would increase?
Removal of the posterior pituitary would cause a decrease in the release of which hormone?
Antidiuretic hormone release from the posterior pituitary is stimulated by
High serum osmolarity sensed by osmoreceptors in the hypothalamus
Antidiuretic hormone is important in:
The body's water balance and urine concentration
Which of the following hormones are produced in the hypothalamus
Target cells for oxytocin are located in the
A 50 year old male patient is deficient in ADH production. Which of the following would be an expected symptom?
Increase urine volume
A 70 year old female has brittle bones secondary to osteoporosis. Her physician prescribes calcitonin
Inhibits calcium resorption from bones
An essential ingredient for thyroid hormone synthesis is
Which of the following alterations would slow down the rate of parathyroid hormone secretion?
increases serum calcium levels
A 40 year old male undergoes surgery for parathyroid hormone-secreting tumor. Which of the following would be expected following suregery?
Decreased calcium reabsorption in the kidney
Insulin is primarily regulated by
Serum glucose levels
A 30 year old male is diagnosed with a hormone secreting tumor of the pancreas alpha cells. Which of the following ould most likely be increased in this patient?
Insulin has an effect on which of the following groups of electrolytes?
Potassium magnesium phosphate
The most potent naturally occuring glucocorticoid is:
Adenocorticotropic hormone release can be stimulated by
A 39 year old female underwent surgery to remove an adrenal tumor. To completely remove it the zona glomerulosa had to be removed. Secestion of which of the following hormones would be expected to decrease?
The main site of aldosterone synthesis is the
adrenal cortex
A 50 year old male with one kidney had to undergo surgery for an adrenal tumor. His Zona glomerulosa was largely removed during the surgery. Which of the following would most likely occur?
Aldosterone secretion is regulated by
The renin angiotension system
Which of the following hormones is secreted by the adrenal medulla
Catecholamines promote
Fluid retention
A 15 year old male took an illicit drug that acts by directly inhibiting phenylethanolamine N methyltransferase. Secretion of which of the following hormones would be inhibited?