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Organisms that have more cell replication ability will?
live longer lives
From age 50-70 visual acuity?
decreases gradually
(after 70 it decreases more rapidly)
How is delirium different from dementia?
Delirium is reversibe.
What are the S/Sx of delirium in an elderly pt?
Rapid onset, disorganized thinking, inability to maintain attention, cognitive impairment, & perceptual disturbance. It may cause sleep-wake cycle disturbances & altered psychomotor behaviour.
Tx of delirium in the elderly pt;
Identify & remove the cause.
How is dementia different from delirium?
Dementia has a gradual onset, progresses over years, disorientation occurs later in the dz, sleep-wake cycle reversed.
What is cellular accumulation (alson known as infiltration)?
Occurs in injured or normal cells. Is the abnormal accumulation of substances.(fluids, electrolytes, lipids, glycogen, calcium, uric acid, proteins, melanin, & bilirubin)
What is Cellular swelling?
(most common degenerative change) caused by the shift of extracellular H2O into cells.
Explain cellular swelling due to hypoxic injury;
ATP & ATPase permit Na to accumulate in the cell while K diffuses outward. The increased intracellular Na increases osmotic pressure, drawing H2O into the cell.
What explain the damage that is done to the cell due to swelling;
Cistern of the ER becomes distended, there is decrease mitochondrial function, & increse in permeability of the plasma intracellular membrane, there is leakage of lg milecules & enzymes which leads to severe injury & death.
Intracellular lipid accumulation is associated with?
Fatty infiltration
What is fatty liver?
A accumulation of intermediate metabolites. (is a typical finding in alcoholics)
How does alcohol stimulate fat accumulation in the liver.
High caloric content.
Inhibition of sveral degradation enzymes.
Utilization of internal fat.
Inhibition of protein synthesis.
Inhibition of export of fat from the liver.