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hypertorophic scars, results from excess colagen production
excessive contration resulting in deformity or contracture (shortening of muscle or scar tissue from excessive fibrous foramtion
separation and disruption of previously joined wound edges, may be cuased by infectioor weak granulation tissue
wound edges separate and intestinal contents protrude through the wound aberrant healing
Exuberant granulations
excess granulation of tissue or proud flesh protrudes above the surface of the wound, can be cauterized or excised and healing continues
band of scar tissue between or around organs, common sites are abdominal cavity or between lungs and pleura, abdominal adhesions may cause intestinal obstruction
increase in circulatory white blood cells 3 types: granulocytes, monocytes, lympocytes.
subdivided into neutrophils, eosinophils, and basophils, and function in baterial phagocytosis
a.subclassified into segmented or band neutrophils
Segmented neutrophis
increase (or shift to the right) during pathologic conditions
Band neutrophils
less mature, increase (or shift to the left) during conditons causing increased white blood cell production
ESR(Erythrocyte sedimentation rate
determined by positioning a tube of well-mixed venous blood vertically. Rate at which red blood cells fall i n normal saline in one hour. It increases in inflammation bec tht protein content of plasma increases, causing red blood cells to stack up one antoehr, causing faster descent due to increase in weith.
form from the fluid and cells that move to injury sites includes:serous, fibrinous, pus, and hemorrhagic
treatment of inflammation
anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspiring, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents (NSAIDS, heal an cold, rest nutrition, pt
a healing. replacement of lost cells and tissues with cells of the same type. ex. epithelial cells and bone regenrerate easily.. CNS and cardic muscel cells dont renerate
phases of healing
initial-3-5 days
granulation-5 days to 4 weeks
Scar contracture-7 days to several months
initial wound healing phase
approximation of wound edges, mogration of epithelial cells, clot serves as meshwork for starting capillary growth
granulaiton wound healing phase
migration of fibroblasts, secretion of collage, formation of capillary buds, fragility of wound
scar contracture
remodeling of collagen, strengthening of scar.
decrease of shrinkage in cell size. Seen in skeletal muscle, health, secondary sex organs, and the brain. Caused by decrease in workload, used, blood supply, nutrition, hormone stimulation
increase in size of cells and consequently in the size of affected organ. seen in heart and kidneys. caused by increased accumulation of proteing in cell components.
increase in the number of cells. Seen in epithelial cells, liver and kidney.
dysplasia or atypical hyperplasia
abnormal changes in size, shape and organization of mature cells. Seen in epithelial tissue of cervix and respiratory tract. Related to neoplasms and commonly seen adjacent to malignant cells.
reversible replacement of one mature cell type and another, sometimes less differentiated, cel type. Seen in Bronchus, Replacement of cells is induecd by a stimulus, such as smoking
cells that are undifferentiated. Associated with malignancy or cnaces.
reduction in the blood supply, causing cellurlar injury. Reversible but doesn't interfer with cell metabolism.
internal organs
the causative factors of the diseas.
cause of the disease is unknown
if a treatment or procedure or error results in diseae or injury