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What do lysosomes degrade?
-What can sometimes remain undigested in lysosomes?
Proteins and Carbohydrates
-Lipids can remain undigested
A lysosome w/ undigested debris (lipid)
Residual Body
Lipofusion Pigment Granule
Undigested material from intracellular lipid peroxidation
Rhemotoid Arthritis
Autoimmune Disease
Disease of the Muscle or Muscle tissue
-Can result for glycogen and phospholipid accumulation in lysosomes
Myo= Muscle
If a drug interrupts lysosome function, what is the consequence?
-Name a drug that can do this
Aquired or Drug Induced (Iatrogenic) Lysosomal Disease
-chloroquine= anti-malarial agent that raises the pH of a lysosome (inactivates its enzymes)
Induced by a patient's physician for therapy against infection or complicated treatment
Used to depress the central nervous system
Used as sedatives or hypnotics
What is the funtion of the Smooth ER?
metabolizes various chemicals and cells exposed to the chemicals
What is the adaptive response of the Smooth ER when exposed to chemicals?
Hypertrophy (Increased size of cells)
Prolonged// Continued
Extended (Protracted) use of Barbituates leads to a state of tolerance and decrease effect of the drug.
-Physician will increase dosage
-Pts are said to have adapted to the drug
Explain what happed?
Hypertrophy of the Smooth ER of hepatocytes, which metabolize the drug
Name a site of Mitochondrial Myopathies (increased mitochondria)
-Skeletal Muscle
(Metabolic Disease)
Certain benign tumors found in the kidney, PT, Thyroid, and Salivary Gland contain cells called ____.
Oncocytes w/ abundantly large mitochondria
-cell has a Eosinophilic Apperance
T or F. Hypertrohy of the Liver can result from alterations in the mitochondria (large//small)
What is the result of defects in the cytoskeleton
Defects in cell function
-cell movement
-Intracellular organelle movement
-Intracellular accumulation of fibrillar material
Thin filaments have actin and myosin and assoc. proteins. Some drugs target these components. Name them
-Cytochalasin B prevents polymerization of actin filaments
-Phalloidin toxin of mushroom (amanatin phalloides)also binds actin filaments
Defect in microtubles can result in what cells being effected
Sperm cells>> male sterility
Immobilize cilia in respiratory tract