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Sepsis definition
systemic inflammation
low bp
term for positive blood culture
term for sepsis plus hypoxemia or elevated plasma lactate levels or oliguria
sepsis sndrome
term for sepsis plus hypotension despite adequate volume
septic shock
6 examples of microbial products that initiate innate immune response
bacterial endo toxin LPS
lipoteichoic acid LTA
bacterial exotoxins
double stranded RNA
malaria pigment
response to recognition of microbial products in blood stream
systemic inflammatory response
3 pro inflammatory cytokines and effects
TNF alpha
IL 1
IL 6
Induce fever
upregulate acute phase response by producing complement, C-reactive protein, procalcitonin, other acute phase proteins
upregulated enzymes that are part of the innate immune rsponse : 2 eg's
Inducible nitric oxide
3 results of activiation oin sepsis
microvascular thrombosis
tissue ishemia
multiorgan failure
3 eg's counterinflammatory mediateors released in response to SIRS
IL 6
IL 10
TGF beta
Treatment of sepsis
antimicrobial therapy
Protein C anticoagulant pathway is impaired--activated protein C has been used