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Reguarding down's syndrome, which is not correct...
A karyotype shows 45 chromosomes
Findings consistent with turner's syndrome include all of the following except....
Barr body positive
Patients with karyotype of 45 xo...
Will be phenotypically female
Most zygotes will spontaneously die if...
they lack an autosome
The presence of a barr body in the nucleus of a cell indicates...
more than 1 x chromosome is present
Which of the following is inherited as a sex linked disease
Down's syndrome is an example of disease resulting from an alteration in the ...
number of autosomes
An individuals karyotype refers to his/her
chromosomal makeup
Mitosis cell division prduces two daughter cells containing
A diploid number of chromosomes
Ex linked inherited disease are more frequently seen in males because
males have only one y chromosome
Ovarian tumors arise from
Stromal cells
The primary structruar unit of the mamary gland is known as the
polythelia would best be classified as a
development disorder
The most frequent site of development of breast cancer is in the
upper outer quadrant
The most common benign tumor encountered in the breast of premenopausal women is
A vaginal infection of viral orgin is
condyloma acuminata
The most common cause of hematosalpinx is
ectopic tubal pregnancy
Complications of gonococcal infection in females include
ectopic pregnancy, and infirtility
Of the following which would most likely contribute to an increased cancer risk with fibrocystic disease
epithelial hyperplasia
A malignant tumor in the vagina, cervix, and testes would most likely originate from
squamous cell carcinoma
Ovarian tumors are most often discovered due to
increased size
Squamous cell carcinoma of the uterine cervix is usually preceded by
Statistically each of the following women would have an increased risk of developing cervical cancer except:
a woman who has a family history of cervical cancer
Failure of one or both testes to descend into the scrotum is known as
Multiple bilateral nodular lesions in 45 y/o female would most likely represent
fibrocystic changes
Invasive cervical carcinoma has an excellent prognosis for recovery since
it is neither locally agressive, or frequency of incidence is increasing in the u.s
The most common testicular carcinoma arises from
germ cells
26y/o female complains of inability to become pregnant. She states that she has always suffered with severe abdominal cramping and backache during her menstrual periods. Her weight has remained constant. Pelvic examination reveals a fixed uterus with undefined ovarian boundaries. Of the following possibilities, the most likely would be
Factors presisposing to the development of breast cancer are
Neither breast feeding, nor early sexual activity
The most common symptom of endometrial cancer is
post menopausal uterine bleeding
A solitary discrete rubbery mass in the upper outer quadrant of the breast would most likely be
Over a long period of time increased estrogen blood levels unopposed by progesterone would cause
both breast cancer and endometrial cancer
Which of the following lesions would most likely be associated with a bloody nipple discharge
Intraductal papilloma
A pyosalpinx is most commonly the result of
In females which of the following sexually transmitted diseases is most likely to result in infirtility
Which of the following would most likely predispose a woman to the development of breast cancer
early menarche and or delayed menopause
Which of the following lesions would most likely be associated with a bloody nipple discharge
intraductal papilloma
Acute mastitis is most likely to occur during which period of a woman's life
Which of the following sexually transmitted diseases are viral in origin
condyloma acuminata
The majority of breast cancers are derived from
ductal epithelium
Which of the following causes of vaginitis is characterized by scanty malodorous vaginal discharge
Which alteration can be seen in fibrocystic change of the breast is most closely associated with an increased risk of developing breast carcinoma
epithelial hyperplasia
Which breast lesion is most likely to be painful
Acute mastitis
Poylythelia is classified as a
developmental disorder
Which of the following sexually transmitted disease has been linked to the subsequent development of cervical cancer
Condyloma cuminata
A 34 year old female has recently noted solitary discrete mobile rubbery mass aproximately 1cm in diameter in the upper outer quadrant of her left breast this lesion most likely represents
BPH may be a contributingg factor to the development of each of the following except
Prostate Cancer
In the female prolonged elevation of serum estrogen levels may lead to the development of
endometrial ca or hyperplasia
Greatest mortality in the female pt
ovarian cancer
most common cause of pyosalpinx
Pt with cervical CA usually die from
ureteral obstruction and kidney failure
Each disease is sexually transmitted except
The most common type of ovarian malignancy
arises from surface epithelium
Trichomonas is a
Each is associated with infertility except
corpus luteum cyst
Candidiasis of the vulva and vagina are most likely to be seen in pts with
Endometrial hyperplasia is associated with
unopposed estrogen and precursor to CA
Leiomyomas of uterine myometrium
may be asymptomatic and cause infertility
Endometriosis most commonly involves
mumps orchitis may cause
Sx of BPH include
frequency, nocturia, dysuria and incontinence
Cercical cancer
may occur at any ae from teens to old age
Most common neoplasm os female GT tract
Which is not a VD
infectious monomucleosis
Most common malignancy of testicle
Primary lesion of syphilis
Viral vag infection
Complication of gohorrhea in women
PID and infertility
Most common cause of hematosalpinx
ectopic pregnancy
Malignant tumor of vagina cervix and testes most likely to originate from
squamous cell CA
Squamous cell carcinoma of cervix is usually preceded by
Factors which predispose to breast cancer include
family history
Which of the following alterations that can be seen in fibrocystic disease of the breast is most closely related with an increased risk of developing breast cancer
epithelial hyperplasia
The importance of differentiating between infiltrating lobular CA of the breast and infiltrating ductal carcinoma is due to
tendency of lobular carcinoma to be bilateral
Acute mastitis organisms
Staph or Strep
Which of the leading cause of cancer related death in uS women
breast cancer
Multiple bilateral nodular lesions in 45 yo female
fibrocystic changes
The syndrome occurring in patients with chronic renal failure as a result of multiple organ system dysfunction is called
uremic syndrome
A condition of elevated blood nitrogen levels and creatinine is
The bacteria that causes acute pyelonephritis usually reach the kidney by way of
lower urinary tract
Kidney stones consist primarily of
Hydronephrosis may be caused by
renal stones, urethral stricture, benign prostatic hypertrophy, ureteral obstruction
The development of hypertension is characteristically associated
nephritic syndrome
In a consideration of adult polycystic disease of hte kidney all of the following statements are known to be true except
the diesease is usually unilateral
The term used to describe dilation of the renal pelvis and calyces associated with progressive atrophy and cystic enlargement of the kidney due to obstruction to the outflow of urine is
Each of the following is characteristic of ureteral calculi except
originate in ureteral lumen due to chronic ureteritis
All of the following statements concerning acute proliferative glomerulonephritis are true except
90% of the cases are caused by e coli
Nephrotic syndrome is associated with
glomerular disease
Which is the best indication of acute pyelonephritis
White blood cell casts in urine
Of the following which is the most common neoplasm of the renal pelvis and ureters
transitional cell carcinoma
The adrenal hormone aldosterone acts on the kidneys to cause
increased sodium reabsorption
What is the most common component of kidney stones
Which of the following factors is least likely to predispose to development of urinary bladder infections
Which of the following cystic diseases of the kidney is inherited
Both adult and childhood polycystic disease
In an adult massive proteinuria would most likely be associated with what
membranous glomerulonephropathy
In a patient with renal cell carcinoma which is one of the early manifestations
The fact that urinary bladder neoplasms are often multiple suggest that
A thirty two year old female develops nausea vomiting hematuria and severe colicky right flank pain which radiates to her groid. Of the following the most likely diagnosis would be
Ureteral obstruction
High fever and costovertebral angle pain would suggest which of the following
acute pyelonephritis
Which of the following is most likely to lead to acute renal failure
Acute tubular necrosis
Hypertension and hematuria would be most characteristic of which of the following
acute proliferative glomerulonephritis
Each of the following might contribute to the development of hydronephrosis except
Theraputic drugs that damage the kidney usually cause
interstitial nephritis
The fact that urinary bladder neoplasms are often multiple suggests
neither answer
Each of the following predisposes to the development of UTIs except
muscular hypertrophy of the bladder wall