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What are the two oncofetal genes that the body should stop producing in birth?
Carcinoembryonic antigen and Alpha-fetaprotein
In what knd of cancers do we find the 2 oncofetal genes
mainly liver (hepatocellular carcinoma) as well as embryonal cell cancer of the testis and ovaries
What is the "Hayflick phenomenon?"
Basically immortality of the cells due to regrowth of telomeres-and even when they are short, the cells ignore the do not divide signal.
What is dysplasia?
The bizzare genome destabilized cells confined to an epithelium without invasion
What is the indicative of Burkitt's lymphoma?
Epstein Barr virus
What is a point mutation?
gene product stuck in "on" position activator for protooncogenes
What is a translocation?
Gene product under control of wrong promoter Fusion gene produces product that promotes cell division, activator for protooncogenes
Stomach cancer prevelance
rates dropped by 80% bc chem and refridg preserve food not smoke less helicobacter(better drinking water)
Cervical cancer
STD linked to sexual revolution
What is another name for initiator
genotoxic carcinogens: result of cell exposure to carcinogen,permanently alters genotype but not phenotype yet
Whats another name for promoter?
non-genotoxic carcinogens: cause initiator cells turn into tumors
What is a complete carcinogen and an example of one?
initiator and promotor, tobacco smoke
What is AMES test
Test for mutagenicity
What does AMES test look for mutants in a culture of?
Typhoid bacteria
Newborns treated for______ developed many ___ as young adults
enlarged thymus
thyroid cancer
What is amplification?
Too many copies of a gene helps in activiation of protooncogenes
What is Cushing's syndrome?
Too much cortisol
adrenal cortex,oat cell carcinoma of lungs, and other apudomas (ACTH)
Fever (interleukin) cytokines overproduced in cancers that produce fever
Most likely malignant lymphoma
What cancer has a tell tale marker of deep thrombosis?
Pancreatic cancer
Familial polyposis coli (colon polyps and cancer) are inherited by?
Autosomal dominance
Vinyl chloride causes what cancer?
Angiosarcoma of the liver in factory workers.
What causes Type 1 neurofibromatosis?
loss of tumor suppressor gene on chrom 17
How is Von Recklinghausens inherited?
Autosomal dominance
What are the 5 common childhood cancers?
lymphoblastic leukemia, brain neuroblastomas, brain tumors, Wilm's tumor and retinoblastomas (primitive cells, few mutations, curable and respond well to chemo)
Cancers common in teens (3)
Hodgkins of lymph nodes, osteosarcoma in knees, testicular