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Stains black for calcium deposits; deposits are usually granular and deeply basophilic
Alizarin red
Stains red for calcium deposits; deposits are usually granular and deeply basophilic
Lugol's iodide (enhanced with sulfuric acid)
Used for gross staining; when by itself, stains amyoid brown-black; when enhanced with sulfuric acid, stains it blue-black
Congo red
Stains amyloid pink to red with apple green birefringence; used for microscopic/histologic staining
Potassium permanganate
use to differentiate between primary and secondary amyloidosis; when added after Congo red, secondary amyloid will lose its affinity for Congo red.
PAS (Periodic Acid Schiff)
Stains glucose pink; works for amyloid testing because there is some amount of carbohydate in amyloid; unstained forms of glucose form clear vacuoles with irregular boarders.
Best carmine
Stains glucose pink
Sudan red
Stains lipids red; vacuoles are sharply demarcated
Oil Red O
Stains lipids red; vacuoles are sharply demarcated
Osmitic acid
Stains lipids black; vacuoles are sharply demarcated
Anthracosis-carbon particles (exogenous)
Does not stain but can be seen as a deposit in the lungs (seen in cigarette smokers)
Lipofuscin (endogenous)
Stains brown and granular; associated with "wear and tear"-esp. in permanant cells (cardiac and neurons); autoflourescent and acid-fast; antemortem
Prussian Blue
Stains hemosiderin blue-black; distinguish from acid hermatin (an artifact) by using neutral buffered formalin: won't get acid hematin; acid hematin is removed by Saturated Alcoholis Picric Acid; hemosiderin is what is seen inside of macrophages in lungs ("heart failure cells"); without staining they are crystalline or granular, golden-yellow to brown, intracytoplasmatic.
Biliruben (endogenous; heme)
Sign of antemortem jaundice
Melanin (endogenous)
Color is brown to black; antemortem; compare with post-mortem pigment pseudomelanosis, which is greenish-black
Stains fibrin/cross-striations in muscle black