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What does Hypoxia mean?
-How does it cause cell injury
O deprevation
-Reducing Aerobic Oxidative Respiration
What is Ischemia?
Hypoxia is O deprevation and Ischemia is O deprevation due to loss of blood supply from impeded blood flow or reduced venous drainage
-loss of O and substrates (glucose to tissues)
How do you get hypoxia?
-Blood isnt Oxgenated due to
-Cardiac Respirator Failure
RBC carry less O (CO Poising,Anemia)
2 ways
What cells are O sensitive and which cells are not O sensitive?
Neuron (O sensitive)
Muscle (Can adjust>> Anerobic Respiration)
Name the 7 Causes of Injury
1-O Deprevation
2-Physical Agents
3-Chemical Agents and Drugs
4-Infectious Agents
5-Immunologic Reactions
6-Genetic Derangements
7-Nutrional Imbalances
General Categories
Which category does Mechanical trauma, extreme temperatures, sudden changes in atmospheric pressure,radiation, and electrical shock
Physical Agents
Gives some examples of Chemical Agents and Drugs.
Chemical Agents
-Glucose and Salt in Hypertonic Concentrations
-Arsenic, Cyanide, Mercuric Salts
Can Insecticides, Herbicides, Air pollutants, CO, Absestos, Alcohol and Narcotic Drugs result in cell injury
Only in large concentrations
-Known as Daily Companions
Name Infectious Agents that can cause cell injury
3 listed
The anaphylactic reaction to a foreign protein or drug is a prime exampe of this category
Immunologic Reactions
Autoimmune Response
The following phrases describe this category which causes cell injury:
-Inborn Errors of Metabolism from enzymatic Abnormalities
-Down's Syndrome
-Sickle Cell Anemia
Genetic Derangements
Describe how Nutritional Imbalance can injure cells
Protein Calorie Def
Vitamin Def
Nutrional Excess
Cells either have the nutrients necessary to function or don't// they can also have too much
Excess lipids can cause what diseases
Programmed Cell Death
Always Pathogenic, Cell Death
Cells have 5 Vital Systems. If these systems are disrupted cell injury will result. Name the 5 Vital Systems
1-Aerobic Respiration for ATP
2-Osmotic and Ionic Balance
3-Protein Synthesis
4-Structural Maintaince and Intracellular Transport (cytoskeleton)
5-Nucleus Function
Homeostasis of Ions
Synthesis of Proteins
Brain of the Cell
How does the cell maintaing an osmotic and ionic balance
ion compartmentalization
-If disrupted cell injury results
T or F. The cellular response to injurious stimuli depends on the type of injury, its duration, and its severity.
Name the 3 Molecular Mechanisms of Injury
ATP Depletion
Increased Cytosolic Ca
Free Radical Generation