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Intimal thickening of a vessel due to SMC proliferation
Markers for Endothelial cells in a vessel
CD31, CD34, vWF
Why is Lp(a) a risk factor for Atherosclerosis?
Lp(a) has structural homology to Plasminogen Activator; hence it binds to PA receptors and blocks PA from clearing clots.

Lp(a) has apoprotein B100 and apoprotein(a)
How does homocystiene cause Atherosclerosis?
It bings to LDL causing them to aggregate.

List reasons for chronic endothelial injury?
Hyperlipedemia, Hypertension, DM, Smoking, Immune Response, Toxins, Virus, Hemodynamic Factors, Homocystiene
What is Trousseau's sign?
Migratory thromboplebitis. Associated with visceral malignancies, especially carcinoma of the pancreas.
What is Homan sign?
pain with calf squeeze or dorsiflexion of foot
familial Milroy disease
one of the Primary causes of lymphedema – lymphatic obstruction
Vector-borne obligate intracellular bacteria that infects EC and SMC causing vasculitis.
von Hippel-Landau disease
Cavernous Hemangioma occuring in brain and other organs
Glomus tumor
Very painful lesion under fingernail. (mx shows vascular spaces lined by nests of uniform cells).
Nevus Flammeus
typical “birthmark”
-usually on head or neck
-histology shows dilated vessels
Spider Telangiectasia
-dilated subcutaneous arterioles in a radial array with pulsatile center
-blanches when pressure applied to center
Bacillary Angiomatosis is caused due to...

Associated with...
infection with gram-negative bacilli of Bartonella genus

Commonly associated with immunodeficiency diseases (AIDS)
term for a broad spectrum of neoplasms intermediate in their properties between benign hemangiomas and malignant angiosarcomas
Endothelial cell marker is...