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Four forms of Talipes
Talipes varvus inward bend
Talipes valgus outward bend
Talipes equinus plantar flexion
Talipes calcaneus dorsiflexion
Three forms of hip dysplasia
Unstable hip dysplasia
Incomplete hip dislocation
Complete dilocation
Nine Urinary Tract Anomalies
-duplicated ureter
-retrocaval ureter
-ectopic orifice of the ureter
-stricture or stenosis of ureter
-exstrophy of bladder
-congenital bladder diveticulum
Autosomal Recessive Trait
Cystic fibrosis
Types of congenital heart defects

Acyanotic defect
no mixing of poorly oxygenated blood w blood reentering the systemic circulation
Cyanotic defect
Poorly oxygenated blood mixes w the blood reentering the systemic circulaton
4 acyanotic defects
VSD ventricular septal defect
ASD atrial septal defect
Coarctation of the aorta
PDA Patent ductus arteriosus
Cyanotic defects
Tetraology of Fallot
Transposition of the great vessels
Tetralogy of Fallot

most common cyanotic heart defect
Pulmonary stenosis
Dextroposition of the aorta
Right ventricle hypertrophy