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etiology for acute gastritis
alcohol, heavy smoking, severe stress, heavy NSAIDs, uremia, cancer chemotherapy (ah shuc)
etiology for chronic gastritis
(h-rage) helicobacter pylori, radiation, autoimmune, gastric hyperacidity, etoh/tabacco
clinical features of acute gastritis
could be asymptomatic, variable epigastric pain, nausea/vomiting could be associated, associated hematoemsis, melana or fatal blood loss, major cause of hematemesis in alcoholics
clinical features of chronic gastritis
nausea/vomiting, upper abdominal discomfort, chronic gastritis can lead to the development of peptic ulcers and gastric carcinoma
characteristics of crohn's dz
string sign, linear lesions, skip lesions, cobblestone, fistula, noncaseating granuloma, transmural, superficial ulceration, prenicous anemia, steatorrhea(fat in stools)
characteristics of ulcerative colitis
continuous, pseudopolyps, endstage is toxic megacolon, crypt abscesses, only mucosal and submucosal, non - granulomatous
morphological findings of cirrohsis
bridging fibrous septa, parenchymal nodules, total disruption of liver architecture
what is the major cause of excess collagen in cirrhosis
stellate cells
causes of cirrhosis
alcholics, hepatitis, biliary dz, hemochromatosis