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A bacterial infection of the hair folicles and associated sebaceous glands; causes inflammation and pus formation
Acne Vulgaris
A flat, circumscribed area that is a change in the color of the skin; less that 1 cm in diameter;
ex: Freckles, flat moles, measles
An elevated, firm, curcumscribed area; less than 1 cm in diameter
ex: Wart, elevated moles, lichen planus
A flat, nonpalpable, irregular-shaped macule greater than 1 cm in diameter
ex: Vitiligo, Mongolian spots
Elevated, firm, and rough lesion with flat top surface greater than 1 cm in diameter
ex: Psoriasis, seborrheic and actinic keratoses
Elevated, irregular-shaped area of cutaneous edema; solid, transient, variable diameter
ex: Insect bites, urticaria, allergic reaction
Elevated, firm, circumscribed lesion; deeper in dermis than a papule; 1 to 2 cm in diameter
ex:Hypertrophic nodule, lipomas
Elevated and solid lesion; may or may not be clearly demarcated; greater than 2 cm in diameter
ex: Neoplasms, benign tumor, lipoma, hemangioma
Elevated circumscribed, superficial, not into dermis; filled with serous fluid; less than 1 cm in diameter
Varicella (chickenpox), herpes zoster (shingles)
Vesicle greater than 1 cm in diameter
ex: Blister
Elevated, superficial lesion; similar to a vesicle but filled with purulent fluid
ex: Sebaceous cyst, cystic acne
Elevated, circumscribed, encapsulated lesion; in dermis or subcutaneous layer; filled with liquid or semi-solid material
ex: Sebaceous cyst, cystic acne
Fine, irregular, red lines produced by capillary dilation
ex: Telangiectasia in rosacea
Heaped-up, keratinized cells; flaky skin; irregylar; thick or thin; dry or oily; variation in size
ex: Flaking skin with seborrheic dermatitis following scarlet fever, flaking of the skin following a drug reaction, dry skin
Roughm thickened epidermis secondary to persistent rubbing, itching, or skin irritation; often involves flexor surface of extremity
ex: Chronic dermatitis
Irregular-shaped, elevated, progressively enlarging scar; grows beyond the boundries of the wound; caused by excessive collagen formation during healing
ex: Keloid formation following surgery
Thin to thick fibrous tissue that replaces normal skin following injury or laceration to the dermis
ex: healed wound or surgical incision
Loss of the epidermis; linear hollowed-out, crusted area
ex: Abrasion or scratch, scabies
Linear crack or break from the epidermis to the dermis; may be moist or dry
ex: Athelete's foot, cracks at the corner of the mouth
Loss of part of the epidermis; depressed, moist, glistening; follows rupture of a vesicle of bulla
ex: Varicella (chickenpox), variola after rupture
Loss of epidermis and dermis; concave; varies in size
ex: Decubiti, stasis ulcers
Dried serum, blood, or purulent exudates; slightly elevated; size varies; brown, red, black, tan, or straw-colored
ex: Scab on abrasion, eczema
Thinning of skin surface and loss of skin markings; skin translucent and paperlike
ex: Striae (stretch marks), aged skin