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Two major categories of pulmonary vascular disease
1) Primary hypertension
2)Cardiovascular diseases that affect pulmonary functioning
pulmonary circulation
1)makes up most of the circulation
2)is located between the left and right hearts
Functions of pulmonary circulation
1)gas exchange
3)reservoir for the left ventricle
in zone one, at the top of the lung____
alveloar pressure>pulmonary artery pressure>pulmonary venous pressure
In zone two of the lung_____
pulmonary artery pressure>alveolar pressure>pulmpnary venous pressure
A pt. with pulmonary emboli
will have decreased cross sectional area in the lungs
Normal range for the pulmonary system
20-30 mm hg/10 mmm hg
Mitral stenosis
narrowing of the valve that increases back pressure into the pulmonary circulation
septal defects
Increase the volume of pulmonary blood flow
collagen vascular diseases (eg, lupus)
Causes the blood vessels to narrow
Typical life span after diagnosis with PPH
3 years
a sign of right heart failure is____
edema in the legs
Pulmonary circulation
1)originates from the pulmonary valves to the orifices of the pulmonary veins
2)main bulk of the vasculature of the pulmonary parenchyma