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this part of the brain contains the neuronal circuits for the eating, breathing, and locomotive functions required for survival
The hindbrain, consisting of the midbrain, medulla, pons and cerebellum
what does the forbrain consist of?
the diencephalon, which comprises the thalamus, subthalamus and hypothalamus and the telencephalon
this structure is a motor pathway composed of corticospinal tracts that sit between the lentiform nucleus and the thalamus
the internal capsule
the cerebral structures are outgrowths of this structure
the diencephalon
this lobe has the primary auditory cortex and is involved in long-term memory recall and learning
temporal lobe
the neuro network that connects the two hemispheres
the corpus callosum
this opening connects the lateral ventricles with the 3rd ventricle
Foramen of Monroe or Interventricular foramen
where is the limbic system?
in the medial aspect of the cerebrum surrounding the connection between the lateral and 3rd ventricles
which nerves arise from the medulla?
which nerves arise from the Pons?
which nerves arise from the midbrain?
the dorsal horn part of the diencephalon makes up the?
thalamus and subthalamus
the ventral horn part of the diencephalon makes up the?
what openings allow CSF to pass into the subarachnoid space?
foramen of Luschka
foramen of magendie
what substances can cross the blood-brain barrier?
lipid soluble such as alcohol, nicotine, heroin, bilirubin