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What are lipoproteins
capsule that transports cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood
The main carrier of cholesterol
LDL; most LDL is removed by the liver
Foam cells
result from the uptake of LDL by macropahges in the arterial wall
Two things that increase HDL levels
alcohol consumption
2 things assoc with decreased levels of HDL
smoking and metabolic syndrome
condition where xanthomas may develop
Cholesterol meds
bile acid-binding
cholesterol absorption inhibs
most common site of atherosclerosis buildup
ab aorta and iliac arteries
the most important complication of atherosclerosis
Polyarterities Nodosa
numerous nodules found along the course of muscular arteries;
assoc with hep B & C
causes of emboli
ischemic heart disease
A fib
rheumatc heart disease
prosthetic heart valves
Raynaud's disease
intense vasospasm of the arteries and arterioles in the fingers and toes;
precipitated by exposure to cold or by strong emotions
Aortic Dissection
Risk factors: HTN and degen of medial layer of vessel wall
Assoc: Marfan's syndrome, pregnancy, cardiac surgery
Manifestations: abrupt excruciating pain, BP and pulse become unobtainable in arms, syncope, paralysis of lower extremities
Possible precursor to PE
refers to thrombus formation in a vein and the accompanying inflammatory response in the vessel wall as a result of obstruction of blood flow, increase in coagulation or vessel injury