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% of blood in the veins at any one time
around 64%
2 factors that determine blood flow
pressure difference
resistance that blood must overcome
Poiseuille's Law
factors that affect blood flow

Flow = Pressure/Resistance
Laplace's Law
Relates Pressure, Tension, and radius

T=Px r/wall thickness
what role does endothelium play in vascular function
Produces enzymes that convert Angiotensin I to angiotensin II;
synthesizes and released NO;
produces prostacyclins which vasodilate and inhibits platelet aggregation
Where are the neural control centers of cardiac function and BP
pons and medulla oblongata
Excess interstitial fluid in the tissues;
>cap fluid pres. or permeability
<cap colloidal osmotic pres;
impaired lymph flow
What does the capillary colloidal osmotic pressure reflect?
it reflects the osmotic effect of the plasma proteins in drawing fluid into the capillary