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What are the 2 basic components of all tumors, benign or malignant?
1. Parenchyma (the proliferating neoplastic cells)
2. Stroma - the supportive CT and blood vessels
What is it called when parenchymal cells stimulate formation of abundant collagenous stroma?
What word is used to describe stony hard tumors?
What is the nomenclature of tumors based on?
The parenchymal component.
How are benign tumors designated in general?
By adding "oma" onto the end of the cell of origin.
What is a benign tumor from fibroblastic cells?
What is Chondroma?
Cartilaginous tumor
What is an osteoma?
A tumor of osteoblasts
What type of cells are all of these tumors derived from?
What is the other type of benign tumor that can arise, other than mesenchymal?
Benign Epithelial tumors
What is the general term for a benign epithelial tumor?
What is a benign epithelial neoplasm that produces micro or macroscopic finger wart projections from epithelial surfaces called?
a Papilloma
What are epithelial neoplasms that form cystic masses?
What are tumors that produce papillary patterns and protrude into cystic spaces called?
Papillary cystadenomas
What is it called when a tumor (benign OR malignant) produces a macroscopically visible projection above a mucosal surface and projects into a lumen?
A polyp
What is the preferred term for
-Benign polyps
-Malignant polyps
Benign = polyp
Malignant = polyploid
What is a malignant mesenchymal tumor called?
A sarcoma
What does sar mean?
Why are malignant mesenchymal tumors fleshy?
Because they have so little connective tissue stroma and they are so fleshy.
What is a malignant fibrotic tumor?
What is a malignant fatty tumor?
What is a malignant smooth muscle tumor?
What is a malignant striated muscle tumor?
What is a malignant neoplasm from epithelial cells?
Does it matter if the malignant epithelial neoplasm is from endo, ecto, or mesoderm?
What is a malignant epithelial neoplasm with a microscopically visible glandular growth pattern?
An adenocarcinoma
What is a malignant epithelial neoplasm with recognizable squamous cells?
A squamous cell carcinoma
What is a pleiomorphic adenoma?
One that contains more than one cell type of origin.
What differentiates a Pleiomorphic adenoma from a Teratoma?
-Pleiomorphic adenomas arise from one embryonic germ layer
-Teratomas arise from >1
What type of cell do teratomas arise from?
What body site are teratomas typically encountered within?
The gonads