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name the three types of pneumonia
lobar, broncho, interstitial
list the symptoms of pneumonia
chills, fever, productive cough, rusty sputum, pleuritic pain, hypoxia, shortness of breath
what will the WBC show with pneumonia
shift to the left, band neutrophils
which bacterium most often causes lobar pneumonia
strep pneumonia
which 4 organisms most often cause interstitial pneumonia
mycoplasma, viral (influenza, adenovirus, rhinovirus, rubeola (measles), varicella (chickenpox), rickettsial pneumonia (coxiella burnetti), ornithosis (psittacosis chlamydia)
which 4 bacteria most often cause bronchopneumonia
staph aureus, haemophilus influ, klebsiella pneumon, strep pyogenes
name 2 characteristics of lobar
intra-alveolar exudate, entire lobe
name 3 characteristics of bronchopneumonia
patchy distribution, one or more lobes, bronchioles into the adjacent alveoli
name 2 characteristics of interestitial
atypical; diffuse, patchy inflammation, interstitial areas
discuss mycoplasma pneumonia
epidemics, insidious, nonspecific cold agglutinin
discuss viral pneumonia
most common of childhood, influenza virus most often, rubeola (measles) has giant cell pneumonia and complicated by tracheobronchitis
discuss rickettsial pneumonia
Q fever, infected cattle, unpasteurized milk
discuss ornithosis pneumonia
psittacosis, chlamydia, birds
which organism preys on AIDS patients
Pneumocystis carinii (fungus)
which 3 bacteria prey on hospital patients
gram negs, klebsiella, pseudomonas, e.coli (all have endotoxins)
define lung abscess and identify 3 causes
localized area of suppuration. Bronchial obstruction (cancer usually), aspiration of gastric contents, bacterial pneumonia complication
name 4 populations at risk of abscess
those with loss of conciousness: alcohol, drug overdose, neurological disorders, general anesthesia
name 5 organism responsible for abscesses
staph, pseudomonas, kleb, proteus, anaerobics
what are 3 clinical manifestations of abscess
fever, foul smelling purulent sputum, xray of fluid filled cavity