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necrosis with portal bridging
chronic hepatitis
which type of hepatitis is associated with mild steatosis
which type of hepatitis is associated with highest incidence of chronic hepatitis
focal hepatocyte necrosis, giant cell transformation, cholestasis, portal mononuclear cell infiltrate, extramedullary hematopoiesis
AST is present in mitochondria: AST>ALT indicates alcohol hepatitis since alcohol damages mitochondria
viral hepatitis
4 labs that reflect hepatocyte function
serum albumin
serum ammonia
concentric bile duct fibrosis
sclerosing cholangitis often associated with inflammatory bowel
granulomatous bile duct destruction
primary biliary cirrhosis
liver fluke Clonorchis sinensis predisposes to ____ carcinoma
bile duct
MCC ascending cholangitis
E.coli; MC risk factor is obstruction from lithiasis
centrilobular necrosis
hepatic congestion with R-sided CHF
portal fibrosis and cirrhosis
liver cells filled with blue granules on Prussian blue stain
Hereditary hemochromatosis
persistence of HBsAg in serum >6mo
carrier state
MCC Budd-Chiari syndrome
Polycythemia vera
Gross appearance of a liver of an individual with cor pulmonale
nutmeg caused by chronic passive congestion from right-sided heart failure
shrunken liver with a wrinkled capsular surface and microscopically shows massive irregular areas of necrosis
acute fulminant hepatitis
liver is diffusely nodular with small, uniform nodules and microscopically shows diffuse fibrosis encircling regenerative nodules; liver cells contain PAS-pos globular cytoplasmic inclusions
alpha1 anti-trypsin deficency
lg liver, yellow and greasy; preservation of architecture and marked fatty change
alcoholic fatty liver
liver is diffusely nodular, green w/ small, uniform nodules; fibros bridging between portal areas
biliary cirrhosis
antimitochondrial Ab
primary biliary cirrhosis
obstructive jaundice, granulomatous destruction of bile ducts
primary biliary cirrhosis
30yo pregnant female previously on oral contraceptives presents with severe abdominal pain. US shows well-circumscribed subcapsular hepatic mass
hepatic adenoma