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Sensation of never being able to completely empty the rectum
diverticulitis or rectal CA
MC site of diverticulitis?
sigmoid colon
serosa lined sac of epi
how get adhesions? where are they?
usu in sm int
get after surgery, infxn, endometriosis
MC site of volvulus
sigmoid colon
enlarged Ampulla of Vater w/velvety surface
sm bowel adenoma
complication of FAP
sm bowel adenoma
napkin ring
adenocarcinoma (sm bowel)
MC appendiceal tumor & where
carcinoid & distal tip of appendx
pseudomyxoma peritoneii
malignant cystadenomcarcinoma of appendix
saw tooth appearance
hyperplastic polyp of colon
cystically dilated glands
juvenile polyp (colon)
hamartamous-what is it? assoc w/what dz?
malformations of glands and surrounding connective tissue
--in juvenile polyps (colon) and Peutz Jegher polyps (colon)
dark pigmentation on skin and genitalia
peutz jegher
family members w/cancer of uterus, ovary, pancreas, lung
peutz jegher polyp
how get peutz jegher
genetic, auto dom
colon mass, hypoproteinemia and hypokalemia
villous adenoma (colon)
how inherit FAP?
auto dom (FAP in colon)
many colon polyps + osteoma
mutated DNA repair genes, leading to microsatelite instab
blood in stool, Fe deficient anemia
R-sided adenocarcinoma of colon
change in bowel habit
L-sided adenocarcinoma of colon
monotonously similar
carcinoid tumor
urine 5-HIAA
carcinoid tumor
carcinoid tumor
IPSID (Lymphoma of Sm Int)
types of GI lymphoma
1. MALT--mc
3. T cell intestinal
monotonous infiltrate
t cell intestinal lymphoma